Teacher's Pet part 2  

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Teacher's Pet part 2

Hmmm she left her coat behind. I decided to exsamine it. Oh it smelled like her like sweet jasmines. Just the sent made me excited. I was in dire need of relief I couldnt take it anymore. I felt my cock pulsing in my pants trying to burst free of its denim prison. As I smelled her coat I begin to rub myself. I began to imagine what it would be like to make sweet love to her. To carress every inch of her body. To taste her love juices as they flowed out of her as I brought her to exstacy.

I must of drifted off because I didnt hear the door open. "What are you doing?" Startled I jumped up and threw her coat behind the desk. "Nothing" I said with the look of embarrassment. "What were you doing with my coat? where you going through it to see what you could steal" She said with the fire of rage in her eyes. "no" I said looking down as if ashamed. "Im surprise at you. I never thought you were that kind of kid and here you where one of my favorite students. And now you try to steal from me. Im very disappointed in you. I think Im going to have to call your parents."She said with a firm tone. "no I wasnt stealing I was just" I stopped myself to try to think of something I coul tell her that would make sense without admitting to what I was doing."I was just seeing what it was made out of" "HA, you exspect me to believe that I wasnt born yesterday. Now lets go to the princibles office" "Wait, no, ok ok" I said despiratly."I was, I mean, Im sorry Ms.Beckhem I wasnt stealing anything I was just, god this is embarrassing for me to say"I said again looking down in shame. "Well what then?" She said impatiently. "I was smelling it" She started laughing hystarically "You exspect me to believe that" "I was smelling it and rubbing myself OK!" I said angerly. "A look of shock came over her face" "I know you were I was watching you for a few minutes. I just wanted to see if you would admit it. Please dont tell my parents. Dont worry sweety I wont" "Thank you" I felt relieved.

I sat back down in the chair. "You um, didnt get anything on my coat did you?" she asked."no I didnt" I said with a grin. "You know Ive talked to you about your grade many times. You have failed my class twice already. Yet you keep retaking it. You should know the material by now. I know you're not stupid. So why do you make me fail you?" She said curiously. All I could do was sit there and stare at her. She was so beautiful. She noticed I didnt answer and came a little closer. She bent over as if on purpose to exspose her chest to me. All I could do was stare. She look down and noticed that her dress was open enough to show everything. "Well I guess that answers that." She walked over to the door and opened it as if looking to see if anyone was around. She pulled out her keys and locked the door. I watched her curiously at to what she was doing. She started to close all the blinds which every teacher did before they went home. She walked back over to me and nelt down infront of me. "So do you think Im pretty?" she said. All I could do was nod I couldnt believe what was happening this has to be a dream it just has to be.

Part 3 comeing soon

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12/8/2005 2:32 pm

Damn Nite... You need to write more.. And faster

I am not dead yet

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