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11/23/2005 3:22 am

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I just dont understand what is wrong with me...My cousin and her g/f came by last saturday. To bring back some movies I loaned them. This friday that have invited me to dinner. Now thanksgiving I will be busy. So friday seemed ok. Now my cousin is like my brother to me ok...His g/f who is japanese has a friend who is a HUGE fan of death metal and all things death related. (Im a fan of the morbid as well) Now my cousin sent me a pic of her and she too is japanese. My cousin has nagged me that I should meet her. Shes about 5' tall and about 90 pounds and you all know I like them small ones . Shes very attractive..however...I find myself not really in the mood for meeting her or anyone and I have my suspisions that my cousin (who is famous for this sort of thing) is entrapping me to meet her. Dont get me wrong Ive met a few girls but nothing really stuck. I feel wounded and not fully recovered. I just dont think I can put my heart out to anyone yet I havent found all the peices yet...((who wounded me well read my past posts your know all about HER). I want to avoid makeing another rant about that woman ...yea ok I squeesed her in so what...

In my personal exsperience you should find a rebound person right?...well Ive had a few rebounds already...when I actaully had my heart broken the first time I was pretty much turned into a slut I would sleep with anything This time I know that sleeping with anything with a pulse just isnt going to help didnt then and its not now....Now of course you are saying well...whats wrong with meeting her if anything you might meet a friend..well thats true..Now dont get me wrong from what hes told me about her...she seems more to my likeing than the past ladies he's hooked me up with...but then...Ive been hopeful before ...Ive never dated an asain though...

To my question should I go anyway knowing it could and will most likely be a trap. Or should I try to get out of it. I seriously just dont know if I can take stomache another failed attempt to either try to get a girl to like me or for her to get me to like her...and I wont lie to you either everytime I go to meet someone that OTHER WOMAN pops in my head and doesnt leave..I dont talk about her...but I always think about her or in my mind I compare her to the girl before me...I know that isnt a good idea but everytime Im reminded of such things I think of her...I really wish I didnt...and no getting laid doesnt help is nice and all but a woman needs to do more than that to get me to fall for her...I just dont know If I can do it again...sigh......whoa is me huh...

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11/23/2005 6:04 am

Well, your cousin's intentions are obviously good so why don't you give the girl a chance to be just friends?

Solo is right about being up front about how you're feeling. She may have accepted your cousin introducing you for similar reasons, so it's best to let her know it's not her fault if things don't "click".

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DAMNBLE DOUBLE POSTS...I dont know why that happend anyway here it was spinmedown wrote on the other one I thought I would copy and paste it here before I deleted the old one

spinmedown - All things considered, I'd say go. You enjoy your cousin and his g/f's company.
You might have fun talking about music with her friend.
If it was me, I'd keep an "I don't give a fuck" attitude in the back of my mind, enjoy my cousin's amusing attempts at hooking me up with his girlfriend's friend, and try to remain just a little open in case good things really do start to happen with her.
You wont know unless you go, and it is another step towards moving beyond.....her. If you don't go because of.....her...then that just gives.....her...a little more hold on you.

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11/23/2005 11:57 am

so don't go putting your heart on the platter along side the turkey anf cranberries Nite... extend your hand, and be sociable.. it is a tough old world, and a new friend couldn't hurt... tread slowly, but tread my good man..
i have a very dear friend, not very tall, he is very overwieght, and losing his hair and 44 yrs old. and he is alone...but i tell ya, he picks himself up and goes looking great expectations..

just ya never know... how we met about 6 yrs ago, was thru telephone personals... i don't know if he ever had any hopes,or the hots for me..i know i am not sexually attracted to him... but we are great friends..i give first aid to his heartaches.. and i am his #1 cheerleader!!

and maybe it is when you are NOT looking she will come along..that is what happened with mr yellow blanket and me... okay it is over now i guess, but i sure had a good time while it lasted...

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11/23/2005 2:54 pm

Dude, just go and quit worrying about it. what do you have to lose.
show up, have a nice dinner, just be yourself.

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11/23/2005 8:09 pm

Just a tip:
I get double posts if I don't click on the link to my blog title at the top of the page after submitting a post. After I link back to my home page, then I can continue.
Hope this helps you to avoid double posts, and thanks for not deleting my comment.
Have a great Thanksgiving, night.

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