Religion and You  

nightstalker172 36M
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12/13/2005 9:21 am

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Religion and You

I had asked a question on the Advice line basically the same one I asked here about when family is around can you flirt with people...

Now I dont go to meet women with my family around but sometimes you see a cutie and your family IS around.

Something you must understand my mother is extremely religous. A born again christian. She firmly believes in her religion including the infamous no sex before marriage. She has scared off a few ladies in the past when I was I keep all by business to my self. Which is hard because if Im around any of my family since they ALL go to church. They will all conspire to gang up on me if any of them find out Im dateing someone. I have gotten into several arguments past and present with my mother conserning religion and her beliefs and how I do not share them.

Dont get me wrong I believe in god I always have but I dont believe in adhearing to a specific religion. I dont believe in churches because few of them out there actaully do good for people..they simply use religion to get money. My mother has basically tried to set up an arranged marriage for me with someone at her church (this was a couple years ago) She tried desperatly to get me and this woman together. A little bit about her. She was complete opposite of what I like. She was judgmental and critisized everyone who didnt share her beliefs. For all you Star Wars fans out there it was like trying to get a Sith Lord to date a Jedi ok that's what it was like. I didnt like her as a person at all and we didnt share the same views at all on religion. Further more she wasnt really my type physically I was never attracted to her. Ill leave it at that. My mother and my sister all tried to lay a guilt trip on me saying that I wouldnt give her a chance because of her looks. And I will admit her looks wherent that great but it was her attitude that threw me off. As far as her looks she was a very large woman. Im not talking 30-40 pounds overweight. Im talking she weighed more than me at the time I was pushing 400 pounds. Ok she looked to be 450+. Which I find very sad to see someone that heavy. It sucks to be that large trust me I know. She was about the same height too or at least 6'. She was also 12 years older than me. Now Im not so picky about age though when it comes to just sex but for something serious I prefer a woman to be closer to my own age. but her being religous was the biggest turn off. A zealot like my mother. Which is why my mother liked her so much I guess.

My mother also has other views I dont agree with. The 3 of us where talking one day. My mom, my sister and I. The subject of gays came up. My mom hates gay people. What they are doing is against god. She even went as far to say that she would refuse service if she knew someone was gay. My view is that gays are people too and shouldnt be treated wrongly just because they choose to do something in private. Granted I think its alittle gross but its their business. My sister felt similar, in the sense that, a gay person's money spends the same.

Now they say its not for them to pass judgment on people. Thats Gods job. Ok so then why would you refuse service to a homosexual? Her exsplaination is quite simple. Because what they are doing is against god. Ok yea but its not your plac......RESPECT YOU ELDERS. That pretty much what I get when I exspose just a tiny bit of hypocrisy.

My father on the other hand. He pretty much agrees with mom. He'll say something Im not as strong in the sprite or some junk like that. SO you should talk to your mother. Course he hasnt been the same since his surgery years ago..he had tumer in his head has caused him to quit producing testosterone so hes pretty much a pushover nowadays.

My sister...well...shes always been a flake. There is no reasoning with chaos.

My brother in law. He's alittle more level headed and flexible but still religious.

My niece is a typical 15 year old teen. She believes in god and what not and gets down right nasty with anyone who doesnt. but shes still learning.

Then there is my nephew hes 19. Oh the storys about him. He is the only other person in my family that isnt as religous as the rest. He and I think alike when it comes to that. but he and I definaltey dont get along. He has become alot like his father unfortunately and if there was one person on this planet that I could say I truly HATE its his father. but I wont get into that right now...thats a whole rant in itself.

So perhaps now you can see why I keep my life secret from my family. If and when I do meet that specail someone it will definaltey be awhile before I make introductions. To give me time to prepare her

curious082385 31F
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12/14/2005 12:38 am

I couldn't agree more with you on sooo much of this. Isn't that wierd how we seem to agree on stuff so often?
I can totally see why you would be hesitant about bringing anyone home to meet your mother. But any girl who is serious about you and is that special somone will understand.
Can you imagine the look on her face if she knew you were on this site?

desleeped 34M

12/14/2005 2:18 am

Religion is a very funny thing. I feel this way because if you pull a gun on a religious person, the ONE THING they pray for is that you DON'T SHOOT. C'mon, if you love god soo much, WHY BE AFRAID TO SEE HIM IN PERSON? I deliver pizza for a living. I have had my life in jeopardy MANY times. I believe in god. I don't pray for life. I PRAY FOR A PAINLESS DEATH. I don't understand why religious people say gay people are against god. doesn't the bible say, "Love thy fellow man?"

nightstalker172 36M
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12/14/2005 8:12 am

Curious - sometimes Ive thought about showing her just to see the look on her face course then she would slap me and give me a long lecture....AGAIN...

desleep - Well they pray for the person not to shoot not because they dont want to die but because they dont want the shooter to go to hell for murder they try to save everyone you know. As far as gays something about going forth and being fruitful..meaning basically go people cant do that...natureally anyway...I really still dont see the logic in their hatred....

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