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1/30/2006 8:03 am

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I see you laying there with skin so fair
Like a deer in headlights, can only drool and stare.

If I had one wish it would be for your touch.
can barely contain myself god I want you so much.

Big brown eyes hair black as night.
Soft smooth skin, what a heavenly sight.

Kiss you, touch you, perhaps quench my thrist.
Its hard to choose what to do to you first.

I like when you get down on your knees.
Looking up at me begging to please.

Intensity of your sweet lips is hard to measure.
How is it that you bring me so much pleasure?

You force me to stop you from steeling lifes gift.
It is now your turn so positions we shift.

I cant help but go in for a long deep kiss.
Dont worry though not a spot on you will I miss.

Trying to maintain. With you its a true test.
As I kiss your neck and make my way to you breast.

Your skin so smooth and soft as I go down your tummy.
As I make my way closer to that sweet spot with honey.

You moan with anticapation when my hands reach your hips.
As I make my way closer to your sweet love lips.

But how could you forget I like to torture and tease.
As I skip past the good spot and go down past your knees.

I love every inch but dont worry I wont stop.
As I slowly make my way back, halfway to the top.

Im in control, your pleasure in my power.
I gently kiss and taste your sweet flower.

Dont worry darling I know with each lick.
Your craving for my sweet hard love stick.

Im rock hard and full of desire.
Eagerly wanting to feel your inner fire.

I look in your eyes and see nothing but trust.
Bareing my soul with each gentle thrust.

You scream, you cant hold it. let go your love spasm.
Share our love together as we both orgasm.

Laying there next to you after sweet release.
The only time in the world we know true peace.

By yours truely nightstalker172

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