My Plan of Attack  

nightstalker172 36M
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11/21/2005 12:04 pm

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My Plan of Attack

Ok I will share with you all the diet Im following to lose weight. Some of you might think it odd or weird but my goals arent just to lose weight. I also want to gain muscle or at least maintain muscle we go.

I eat 6 meals a day. I count the calories in each meal for every little thing down to the fat free sour cream or how much milk I drink. I measure everything to get as close to an accurate count as possible. I basically eat the same food 5-6 days a week. Chicken breast and Tuna are the main meat sources I also east Egg Whites they have all the protein and none of the fat or cholesterol. I have to say as far as vegetables I eat spinnich, brocoli, or green beans, they are the only ones I like...some times carrots. As much as I like corn they are too high in calories. and I eat potatos. I also comsume protien supplements 2 cups of milk blened with 2 scoops of protien shake mix equals 410 calories and that is one meal.

anyway heres a low down of what it looks like

Meal 1: 4Eggs whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal with a suger substitute (like Equal) and drien blue berries. Also I mix the cheese sauce with my egg whites its a low carb chees sauce and its really good = 483 Calories

Meal 2: Tuna sandwhich- 1 whole can of tuna mixed with mustard on whole wheat bread and a peice of cheese = 420 calories

Meal 3: I typcally eat a protien bar along with a healthy choice microwave dinner = about 490 calories give or take

meal 4: Typically I will eat another protein bar and have a 8oz glass of water mixed with Creatine this would be my post workout meal = 390 calories to 420 depending on the protien bar.

Meal 5: 4oz Grilled Chicken breast with a baked potato and fat free sour cream NO BUTTER. and Either brocoli and cheese (same sauce as above) or sinnich or green beans = to about 490 sometimes peeking over 500 (which I need to cut down)

Meal 6: before bed I will drink a protein shake. 2 cups of milk and 2 scoops of mix = 410 calories

My day totals out to be about 2400 to 2700 calories per day. You should only lose weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week and no more otherwise if can be too hard on your heart.

Now why do I eat so many meals?...because your body is like a fire place. You have to put wood on the fire to keep it burning..It boost your metabolism to burn off calories more during the day and by eating more often you will store less calories as fat. Eating big meals can cause you to store most of that meal as fat which isnt what you want.

My workouts

I basically lift weight 3 times per week.

Day 1 Chest/Biceps/Abs /cardio 2 miles
Day 2 rest/cardio walk 2 miles
Day 3 Legs/abs I do different exercises for my abs on this day than I do on day 1 /cardio 2 miles
Day 4 rest/cardio walk 2 miles
Day 5 Back/Shoulders/Triceps Cardio 2 miles
Day 6 rest/cardio walk 2 miles
Day 7 Complete rest no exerciseing

Typically It take me about 35 muinutes to walk 2 miles well actaully 2 1/2 miles and my workouts last anywhere from 45 minnutes to an hour. I go at a slower pace when I up the resistance which I try to do every month. now the day of complete rest is to allow your body to regenerate this also happen to be my cheat day which I dont keep track strictly on what I eat. Im carefult not to over eat however for I dont want to stretch out my stomache and then feel hungry during the week when Im not eating enough.

Also I cant stress this enough You need WATER. I drink close to 1 gallon of water a day. Or I will drink Lipton Diet green tea with cirtrus splash or sobe Lean Green Tea..they have no calories and no sugar and it tastes good. I dont drink soda anymore with the exception of my cheat day I will go and get me a soda because I love Big Red Soda and I dont think I could ever fully give it up comepletly ...

Loseing weight is not easy but once you get your BF% down and you can actaully BE more active you can eat more variety of foods meaning you can cheat alittle more often HOWEVER you must maintain your diet...its not something that you can just quit once you get to your ideal weight. You must work at it for the rest of your life. If you want to lose weight it must be a life changeing decision not just something made on a whim....questions?...comments...feel free

bardicman 50M

11/21/2005 3:21 pm

Several small meals is clearly the way to go.

That way your body actually burns more calories because it is not in "starvation" mode.

I am not dead yet

popmuse01 35F

11/21/2005 4:59 pm

Sounds like you got it all under control! Yes, maintaining a certain weight is a lifestyle change...not something done on a whim every few months.

Just for the record...before I cracked my toe I dance 3 days a week...just turning on the radio or mainstream videos and dance. I also have learned a few chorographed numbers that I do during those days. I do this for about 2 hours. Yes...2 hours. The days I don't dance, I am on the treadmill walking and working my way up to getting a mile done in less than 15 minutes. Once I hit that goal, I will turn it into 2 miles or start running. However I have to be careful now b/c of my injury. Darn wall. lol.

I barely eat 1000 calories a day. mmm...maybe I'm not eating enough. lol. Always drink water, only one can of pop a day at work..usually at my first break b/c I need the caffine to put up with some of the crabby customers and make it through a 8 hour day of being a cashier. Upside is that I can now actually lift 50lbs thanks to work.

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

nightstalker172 36M
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11/21/2005 7:24 pm

Also what I forgot to mention on my walks I go up and down hill through out the whole thing.

Bardicman - yep starvation mode = BAD

Popmuse - 1000 calories is not enough...and are you counting that soda?....If you need caffine coffee is better...doesnt taste better but its lower in calories and not as much sugar....unless you put it in there..The amount of calories you should consume is determined by your body mass. If you weighed 100 pounds then 1000 might be right for you but eating too little will cause your body to go into starvation mode like Bardicman mentioned...your body while in this mode will convert EVERYTHING its consumes to fat....also when you build muscle you metabolism rises...weight lifting 3 times a week might be good for you too.....anyway might want to up those calories to 2000 or 1500-1700 but thats just guess Since I dont know your actaul weight....and You have to count every little thing....other than your diet I see nothing wrong dancing is one of the best cardios workout you can do...not as good as swimming but swimming is still the best...but oh well..good work

popmuse01 35F

11/21/2005 9:41 pm

Yup! Counting that soda every day. Can't drink coffee...smells great, but makes me want to gag last time I tried to drink it.

Swimming is my favorite activity of all time besides playing soccer!

I actually used to consume only 1500 calories a day before I started changing my diet and exercise ways. I weight 200lbs FYI. I have a small stomach due to a bout with a very severe case of the flu 6 years ago and I lost 40 lbs during that week most of it fat and water. I litterally could not made me want to throw up and I HATE throwing up. So my portions are spread out between 4 hour time periods.

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

nightstalker172 36M
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11/21/2005 10:26 pm

popmuse - Yup 1500 would be perfect for you. But if you can try to keep AWAY from fast food....that was my down fall....keep it to once a week if you do...anymore and you wont see any results....You dont have to go to the extreme like I do but eating 4-6 meals a day would help...If you can do your work out in the morninge before you eat...ITS REALLY HARD but its get your body to start tapping into your fat stores..Im tryign to build muscle also...thats why I eat so much protien...but Weight Lifting or some kind of resistance training to build some muscle would be a good idea...If you're worried about bulking up which alot of women are...dont worry most women cant bulk up simply because they lack the testostrone to do so...all you would need is a couple dumbells and you would be set...and you can google different exercises to do with just dumbellss...

Now weight is important to know only to determine how much you should eat..I have to eat an insane amount of food to maintain my size right now...thats why Im eating 2500-3000 to maintain I would need almost 4000 for someone my size...However the important thing is not your weight when determining your progress...its your Body Fat percentage....if you have a tailors measureing can go to The Fitness Hub (google it) and put in your measurements and it will give you a fairly accurate reading of you can check it once a month to track how your doing...thats what I do...YOu have to measure every part of your body...your neck, forarms, biceps, shoulders, chest ,waist, hips, thighs, calves. and measure the thickest part of each.

Also it can help if you take a multi-vitaman if you dont already.
I woldnt advise getting into the protien bars or shake mix unless you ask a doctor first. The bars should be pretty harmless but the shake mix wouldnt be good for you if you have high cholesterol

Glucosomine is awesome for keeping your joints with fresh cartilidge but again ask a doctor first....

DONT TAKE FAT BURNERS...especailly with say you have heart murmurs...then anything with Ephedra could litterally kill tea extract is good though...
I think Ive rambled on enough if you have anymore questions feel free to ask anytime

rm_cockmerollme 45F
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11/21/2005 10:35 pm

I totally agree with the tuna salad meal. It's so good, and I sometimes even eat it without mayo. I really hate mayo. So, I only use a little bit.No carbs. And onion. And a dash of celery salt. But I do like a flour tortillas. I just roll it up in that, and then like 2 hours after that, do a coffee yogurt. I was drinking like a gallon of milk every other day, and my dietician (you get one of these in Virginia when you are diagnosed, well, with my insurance you do.) freaked out. So, it's 2 8 oz.glasses a day. And along with the yogurt and a bit of cheese, I get the calcium needed. I am low carb, and somewhatlower fat, but low sugar. Quaker oats is good, nuts, dries beans,ect. I am lucky, I work at a Natural Supermarket(can ya guess which one?) so I have pretty good access to this stuff. See, I can't let myself get OCD about this, because I have to live the rest of my life like this, not just until I lose a certain amount, It's until I get my numbers down low enough. The only two things that lower blood sugar are insulin and excersize. So, any low or no sugar things you can recommend would be awesome. Besides chasing my nephew and playing volleyball this fall, I've just been doing about a 30 min walk at night, round my way which is hills and all. And lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks. I am getting down about 50 oz water a day, and I fucking hate water, so I just drink it in the morning at the one time, like medicine. Am I rambling? I'm rambling. OK, I'm gone....


themisskrissy 56F
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11/21/2005 11:15 pm

Nite, please do some research on glucosamine..i have heard from several former users of it that it can cause liver damage... well so can being hit my a careful is all i am saying.. as the weight comes off the excess wear and tear on your joints will lessen...

i have been heavy most of my life (30 lbs less than 10 yrs ago) and never had problems with my hips or knees... ankles yes, but that was injuries from stupid platform footwear in the 70's.. getting shitfaced and staggering home in 6" platforms was just stupid!!

i was told that swimming is not all that good for burning off fat..
(i don't buy it) the reason i was told, is that the body will maintain fat for protection because of the cold(er) water.. hmmm??? could someone please debunk this one!
the only pool in this hinky dink little town is heavily chlorinated... and i get a violent headache walking into the lobby... but i do like to swim when i can.. you think with the extensive work they recently did on the local pool, they would have switched to ozone purification.. and the ocean, which is at my back door is frikking cold year round!!

keep on nite! and keep us (me) in the loop with your progress... two thumbs up!!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

nightstalker172 36M
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11/21/2005 11:18 pm

cockmerollme - Hmm low sugar...well Yogurt has alot of suger in it even the light stuff might want to lay off that Unless you can get sugar free stuff but I dont know of might get away with useing equal or splenda in your oatmeal...(but ask the doctor about that) I have to say your water intake is kinda need 64oz at least..and drinking it all at once isnt good..15 pounds in 4 weeks is kinda fast IMHO but that does happen when you lose water weight when you first start out...You could try some of those atkins protien bars they are pretty good...but they have Sugar Alchohol in them so I dont know what effect that would have on you....drink Lipton Diet Green Tea with citris splash might be good for you...its about as good as drinking water...I find beef jerky to be really good...but a protien bar might be good for you to look into...the problem is finding one that tastes far Atkins Peanut butter has been my favorite it almost tastes like Reeces Peanut butter cups.....As to your health food store the only one I know of thats around where I live is Trader Joes which is where I get my protien bars and shake mix. Also switching to Fat free milk might help is still has some sugar in it but no fat....and it doesnt taste tht much different from 2%. Gotta eat your veggies...any veggie that you like grab it and eat alot of far as fruit...fruit tend to have alot of sugar in it if you get the canned stuff so...might want to stick to fresh fruit peaches are my favorite and yes eat more often during the day instead of big meals that will help keep yoru metabolism going...hmm.....EGG WHITE or Egg Beaters...those are the perfect food and Ragu has this low carb cheese sauce thats really good doesnt have too much sugar in it and its really good with scrambled egg whites or Brocoli...Also and I cant think of any off hand but you should find something at a natural food store and that salad dressing with little sugar and fat...something you like to put on there MAYO since you hate it dont eat it AT ALL..its fattening..if you are pressed for time Healthy Choice Microwave dinners are good might take some time to get used to the potion size though...also try to stay away from pasta and starchy foods that pretty much as bad a sugar for you but Im sure you knew that already ....

As for as your work out walking is good...keep at it...try to up the pace alittle and get done quicker every so often. Or if there are any hills where you live walk up and down them..Maybe get a set of dumbells and do some strength training to build some muscle. That will raise your metabolism and help you burn more fat. Start off light and slow. Also The Fitness Hub (google it) its a helpful tool in the war on fat. also Consult your doctor....perhaps ask him for alist of foods...if he hasnt given you one already I hope that helps...

nightstalker172 36M
1258 posts
11/21/2005 11:53 pm

misskrissy - The only risk with Glucosamine is if you are allergic to Shell fish....There has been nothing documented about liver damage...However it can also raise your blood people with diabetes shouldnt take it. Now it can also help with artritus..and I have alittle bit of that in my knee...hmm at my age you say..well...its an injury I got when I was 12 took a pitch directly on my knee cap when I play baseball. I also took two seperate damageing hits to it in football a few years later...needless to say my knee is fucked up...and Glucosomine has helped SOO much with the pain of it...its damn near as strong as my good one has also helped my shoulder...Ive injured that 4 times...first one falling off a ladder....second was two weeks later on the bench press (didnt heal long enough or take it slow either like I was supposed to) the 3 time was years later when I first started up weight lifting again...about 3 years ago...Military press did me in...and the 4th time...well lets just say I went to far....I was angery and pushing myself farther than I should have...injured it doing the military press and had to actaully go to therapy for a lovely physical therpist to massage it for me though hehe and she was good at her job let me tell you....but I had a grinding feeling in it for along time and now that I started takeing it that feel it almost gone comepletely...the normal aches and pain I get from being active while being overweight dont bother me too much...but my shoudler and knee where keeping me from getting the strength I want out of my arm and leg...but now they are almost like new...However I will keep and eye out for any studies that might mention liver damage just in case. Thanks for the heads up

As far as swimming in cold water I really have no idea if thats true...I seriously doubt it though...your body will burn calories to keep warm. Now I will say this that the military has exsperiemented with exerciseing in hot and cold water. Actauly weight training underwater...exerciseing in cold water opens the blood vessals more where as warm water constricts them...their theory is that you work the body harder in warm water with constriced blood vessal and then rest in cold water to open them up and carry nutrients throughout the body faster...however this isnt exactly new alot of body builders will Ice themselves after a workout so they can train more....however I dont think it will affect your fat loss...swimming will work just like any other cardio exercise....swimming is better though because you work more of the muscles and there is no impact damage to your joints.

curious082385 31F
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11/22/2005 2:59 am

It sounds like you have this well thought out and are determined to follow through. Good for you! Most people don't take the time and effort needed to come up with a plan that is healthy for their body and effective for wieght loss. You are doing this for yourself and your own reasons...admire you for that. Hugs, babe!

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