Loseing the extra FAT!  

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11/6/2005 6:10 am

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Loseing the extra FAT!

My fellow FAT people. Im wageing a war against fat. I cant sit idoly by and watch people do these fad diets any longer. I will lay it down for you and what YOU need to do to lose that FAT.

OK first Im going to tell you that the atkins diets or the south beach diet or whatever "low-carb" peice of crap diet you are on is a bad idea.

First of all a low carb diet albiet can be effective if done right but most people think that the atkins diet is an excuse to eat lots of bacon ITS NOT. Alot of FATpeople also dont want to exercise. Because you are WEAK willed. Mentally you cant take it. It hurts too much or Im too tired blah blah SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop your bitching and listen to me. Now lets just forget fad diets and such all together.
Forget everything you know about health for a minute and read on

1. You need a plan of attack. You cant fight the enemy unless you know what you're deling with. The enemy is FATright? WRONG! The enemy is your WEAK will to do something about your weight and do it right. You must be determined. You must be strong, dedicated, disaplined, and angry. Why angry? Because anger will give you focus on your second enemey FAT. It will give you strength to push yourself.

2. Choose the right weapon for the job. Diet is going to be about 80% of your resualts so you must eat carefully but healthy. Starving yourself will get rid of the weight. But you will also lose stregth in the muscles and even lose muscle tissue from starving yourself. What happens is alot of people think they can go back to the way they ate before and keep the weight off. News flash people. Your diet must be a life changeing decision. Its something you must stick to for the rest of your life. If you cant do that then go some where else because you are wasting your time and you're too weak to do anything about it anyway.

3. Understanding how to use your weapon. Diet for those of you low-carb dieting. I will not agrue that its not effective because it is. but like starving yourself its not entirly healthy at least not the way that atikins will have you do it. See Atkins is for people who do not do anything. Their life consists of sitting around and doing nothing. Carbs are the basic form of energy it gets used first before anything else. When you dont use it. It gets stored as fat. Which is fine if you're too lazy to move your FAT ASS. Now what is wrong with sitting around and doing nothing while loseing weight. Well genuis what are you eating lots of fat and protein right. Well guess what your cholesterol levels are going to sky rocket. Why do you think that people on the atkins have had heart trouble and such. DUH they didnt fucking exercise. You dont filter out that extra soduim and cholesterol that you are consumeing you are not going to be much healthier.

4. Training for combat. Cardio is the most important FATloss tool other than diet. You work your heart and get it stronger. Being cardivasularly fit will keep your cholesterol down to a healthy low. So get off your FAT ASS and walk around. Dont over do exercise at first. You need to start slow. You should train at least 5 days a week. You can do light cardio every day just to burn calories but its not recommended to do say jogging every day. you muscles need time to rest and rebuild themselves.

5. Get a body built for war. Weight training. Once you have been walking for awhile its time to start building muscle. Why?...because the more muscle you have the high your metabolism will be. Meaning the more FAT you will burn. You will make yourself into a FAT burning machine bred to kill FAT. 3 times a week and not more. And dont weight train 3 days in row. Have a day or two inbetween each session. You are litterally tearing your muscle apart. Your body needs time to rebuild them to better handle the stress of your next workout. You can either do one of two thing with weight training. you can break up the muscle group in each session which is what I do to dedicate more time to each muscle group. exsample like legs on mon. Chest and arms on weds. Back and shoulders on fri. Which is what I personally like to do. Or your can train your whole body. Typically though you wotn be able to train really heavy if you train this way. Why? Because for exsample The bench press is a compound exercise that also works your triceps. Now if you triceps are weak and you do tricep pushdowns to work your arms you will overtrain your triceps which is not what we want. What the big deal in overtraining. Im not going to get into that because you are a novice but take my word for it. That it will only make you weaker. You can do full body workouts with lighter weights so you dont overtrain. But I prefer to break up the muscle groups. Circut training might be the best thing for you if you've never lifted weights before. Get a book or go online and look up proper form. Its best to even consault a trainer to show you. You must start out slow until you learn proper form and your body gets used to exerciseing.

6. A war journal. KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this enough. If you cant see your progress you will get discuraged to continue. Most what you need to keep track of is your calories intake and your exercise progress along with your body fat%. Why not your weight? hmm good question. Muscle is more compacked than FAT There for your weight might actaully go up during your first few months which alot of people see as a sign that they are not getting anywhere. The fact is you should be measureing around your waste to keep track of your progress. Dont get me wrong knowing your weight is important but the fact that you may have gained few at first is a good sign. As long as your waste line is smaller thats what's important.

7. WATER! You must drink lots of water. If you do not it will make loseing weight ALOT harder. When you body doesnt get enough water it will start to retain it. That is bad. You need water to lubricate your joints and to basically funtion period. 8-12 8 oz glasses a DAY is what your NEED period. Yes you will pee like crazy. but its a must. Now I also know what your thinking. Well soda has water in it. NO. you cant replace water with soda or anything that has sugar in it. Its what I call dirty water and it will not help you unless you want to stay fat.

8. Sugar is another enemy you must take down. Guess what Sugar is. Carbs. Its a simple Carb which is not what you want. You want complex carbs like veggies and fruits. Simple carbs like candy, soda, that god damn twinky. All bad and should be eaten on rare occasions.

9. Fat is bad for you also. Try not to consume too much butter or mayo. Dairy products in moderation also. Dont cut fat out of your diet completely. Because in order to burn the fat you need alittle kinddling wood to start the fire get me? Milk is important to keep in your diet but the rest is extra. Red meat is also high in fat so try to get lean red meat if you can. Fish and turkey or chicken breast. Dont eat the dark meat it has alot of FAT in it.

10. Fuel the fire. When you start a fire how do you keep it going? What you poor gasoline on a fire what happens? A big spurt of flames and then it dies down. You metabolism works in the same way. If you dont put ALL of the gasoline on the fire at once you can have it burning longer and at a high intensity. So like gas on a fire. You should eat your food like that. most people eat the traditional 3 meals a days 3 BIG meals. Thats like 3 big tanks of gas being dumped on the fire 3 times a day. But if you dump only part of it on there at a time but more often you will burn better and longer. SO eat more meals a day BUT smaller ones. Eat every 2-3 hours a day. This way you keep yoru metabolism up to become a better FAT burning machine.

11. To the victor go the spoils. Now to maintain your sanity you should take a specail day to just eat what you want. DONT OVER DO IT THOUGH. But eat a peice of cake or maybe go you favorite fast food place and get a meal. Its ok to take a day break from it once a week or so. but dont gorge yourself when you are full STOP

In closeing I would like to say that if you arent ready to completely change your life around then stay FAT and miserable. Let people look at you and laugh at all that is jiggleing. I hear lots of people say that you should except your body for what it is. They say that because they are too weak to do anything about it. They arent happy but they want people to think they are ok with it. They give up on trying becuase its too hard for them to do. Bad gentics or health problems sure they make things more challenging but its still possible if you remain dedicated. So get off your FAT ASS and DO SOMETHING.

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