Liberate my maddness  

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10/21/2005 5:34 pm

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Liberate my maddness

Well Ive made alot of posts today. Gotta make up for lost time you know. Im in a musical mood today Ive been going through all my songs I have and decided to post a couple.

Oh yea...the pick thats Vegeta when he gets possessed and goes nuts fitting wouldnt you say. I love that look.

Sigh but what to write about hmmm....

Today would be a good day to go drinkin. I wish I could but I diet forbids it...its just empty calories...and its hard to find "low calorie" hard liquor I have to save my "cheat days" as there called for the holidays. What are cheat days you may ask...well its a break in you diet and you eat whatever you want but still in helps with people who have a problems maintaining their diet. It helps prevent bindges. And when you are on a strict diet like mine its hard sometimes to remain disaplined. Its more of a mental challenge than anything else. If you think its hard to quit smokeing I laugh at you then because no matter what you still have to eat. Its like starting at day 1 every day...anyway Ive been doing something like Atkins...Im sure you've heard of it...the low carb diet...dont get me wrong though I dont like Atkins the carbs ratios are WAY to low. but watching your carb intake is as important as watching your fat intake...and the thing you should get the most of is protien long as you exercise that is...if you dont then you arent burning fuel etc etc...

Ah yes that remind me of a story when I was a senior...I was on the chest machine which is directly to the side of the Decline Benches. There was this nooby freshman who was trying to put up 205 (most people can bench MORE on the decline bench then the straight bench because it uses more muscles) I had a friend in tha class she was about 100 pounds really short a real nutcase though ..she was also a freshman..she went up to this guy and asked if she could try what he was Im sitting on the chest machine and Im kinda faceing at a angle to where I would have to lean forward to see them. plus its kinda hard to get out of the chest machine quickly. So anyway she gets on the bench and he help her off the rack and hes pretty much holding the weight for her. She say let go I got it. Now a proper spot when told to let go keeps his hand UNDER the bar just in case the person cant handle the weight. Instead he just moved his hands away. by this time I had just finished a set and was resting...I leaned up and watched as he let go...before I could even utter the word stop her arms hand calasped and the bar came down right on her face and the asshole noob couldnt get it off of her. So I had to get out of the chest machine and shove his dumbass out of the way and I grabbed one end of is and hucked it off of her and onto the other bench. She was crying her eyes out which was good that ment she wasnt dead. Then the teacher came. and let me tell you something Im a big man and the teacher was F*CKING HUGE...He had a couple of her girl friends walk her to the nurses office while the teacher and alot of the other more exsperienced lifting all made alittle cirlce around him Me Included. I told the teacher what I saw and OMG he torn this kid a new one...I think that if the teacher could have gotten away with it He would have beat him down himself for his stupidity. Everyone before they are allowed to workout there goes through a training program to learn all the proper form for each of the exercises AND the proper form on how to SPOT each of these. Later that day I had another class with the girl and she was there. Her mouth was all black and blue and if it hadnt been for the fact that she had braces...she would have lost her front teeth. and it didnt slow her down either she still talked a mile a minute ...She was telling everyone what happend (ironically the class we had together was Health ) And she gave me a huge for helping her.

As for the guy well the next day he was absent. Apparently a couple of her close friends and a couple of lifters who were there jumped him and beat the crap out of him...I however wasnt involved in that. When I saw him again he was beaten up pretty bad...with a black eye and a few cuts on his lips. And he had to retake the training program before he would be allowed to lift anymore. As far as I know the rest of the semester no one would partner with him either because of what he did so he got to workout alone. Im not sure but I dont think the teacher let him take his class anymore after that...I didnt see him in there the next semester...but then again he might have transfered periods...hehe I would of...Anyway I think Im done for

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