Football groupies (part 1)  

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Football groupies (part 1)

<------ The pic: See that big man there thats about to stomp on that guy with the ball. That is one of the greatest linemen in football history. William Perry Also known as "The Fridge" #72

Anyway Id thought Id share another little story about me...This one I will write in part because its long so heres part 1. This is not fiction its a true story. The year I played football in highschool.

You know I look back on that year. I have to say its the only time in my life where I was considered "popular". The way the attitudes changed when I couldnt play the next season but Ill get to that later.

Now as a kid the only sport I really played was Baseball. I was a catcher in little league when I was 12. I was also the biggest on the team LOL...Im mean I was chubby yes but I was also the tallest...dont ask me why Im not really that tall now lol only 6'2". but anyway....I never got into Soccer or Basketball. I just never liked them. And football I never really tried yet. So anyway. Fastforward to my first year in highschool. I was actaully contacted by the coach and asked if I was intersted in playing football. I guess he scouted me out or something. I had never mentioned it to the school or even my parents...or perhaps he called all the new freshmen I dont know. Anyway I thought about it for a few days and called back and told them to send me the information and I would try out at least. So I arrived there I was early so I got the pick of the best gear . Unfortunatly...They had to specail order my helmet..all the big helmets went to the varisty players so they had to order another one for me. The one that did fit sort of...put alot of pressure on my temples. It hurt when anyone touched my helmet. Now the first 3 days of practice was no contact. They had to teach us the proper way to hit and stand and what not. When we did get to finaly wear our armor we only hit pads. We didnt get to hit anyone else until about 3 weeks into practice. Now I was probably the 3rd largest guy there. I weighed more than ANYONE but I wasnt the tallest. I weighed in at 298 my freshman year. The first week that we got our body armor I was like 3rd chosen to lead the warmups before practice. The first time I did it. We went to jumping jacks. and my pants fell down . So Im sitting there with my pants down and my underwear and jockstrap exsposed...and let me tell was fricking cold that day too . And yes...My pants came down in mid air and when I landed I fell down. Even the coach was laughing his ass off. So the coach gives me a roll of duct tape to tape around my waste to keep my pants on....well my pants didnt come off ever...the unfortunate part is...shortly after that happend...I had to pee I went to the bathroom and danced for like 5 minutes trying to get my pants down I made it though .

Now my number was 54. And my coach an odd sense of humor. So when ever I would do something wrong or I wasnt where I was supposed to be during a play...he would yell..."CAR 54 WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" So I got the nickname Car 54...Not a name I wanted but I didnt have much say in the matter

Anyway after about a month of training the jamboree was here..which not really a game its just a get together and we play a few plays against the other schools in our district. This marks the official start of the season. Our team was known as the Rams BTW...I dont know why I forgot to mention that. My position was strong tackle on job was to open a hole in there offense for our guys to ge through Or myself if possible. So I didnt get many sacks in my "career" . I only got 4. Now our first game was against the Prirates. I remember it well. The guy I have to go against was about 6'6" and at least 350 to 400 pounds ok..Im barely at 300 and 5'11" at the time. I was like..."I didnt know freshmen came in that size" . Even though he was HUGE he wasnt very fast. He could barely run where as me I was pretty quick despite my size. Now the first time I squared off with this guy I decided to test him and see just how "unmoveable" he was. He was the ONLY guy who could hold me without help. Takeing him head on neither one of us could move the other. I was a strong SOB but he was just MASSIVE. The coach told me to go in low on him instead of standing up to him. In theory he would lose his balance and fall...Yea I knocked the wind out of him for a second but that didnt work...he almost went down..but didnt...Then our receiver took me aside and told me to "spin" on the guy. Which is where you make it look like you are going to hit head on and then spin to the left or right. I said I would try it but I dont think Im fast enough for a move like that. Ill be damned if it didnt work. He was exspecting me to go at him again. but I didnt and went around. The QB didnt even see me and they lost 10 yards woot. My first sack of the season. Now Ive had a couple guys do this move to me in practice and got away with it. Im quick for my size but Im no speed demon OK!...Anyway to make a long story short we won our first game Rams 21 - Pirates 14. This was also the first time that our team got to meet the freshmen cheerleading team. Oh they were absolutly delicious .

This is where I met one of the cheerleaders. Alicia was her name. She was blonde and had a very lovely body kinda tall and thin. Id say she was 5'9" perhaps...she had a bit of an overbite but it was cute anyway...and brown eyes. She commented me on how well I played and the sack I made. I introduced myself and thanked her for her comment but I had to get on the bus back to the school. (it was a home game techniqucally but we have one big staduim like football field for the entire district and most of the teams use it as a home field. Only 3 schools use their own fields and its a nice staduim too)..The next practice...there was a small group of ladies watching us practice among them was Alicia.

To be Continued

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