Football Groupies (part 4)  

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Football Groupies (part 4)

So its the next game day. We are playing against the Wolverines. Who are ranked number one so far this season. It was an away game and the trip to get to their staduim was about 30 minutes (with traffic and all). Our side of the staduim had maybe 5 people in it while theres was almost full. This was supposed to be a really good match up and the coach even said that this team would keep us on our toes. I could not believe how much of an understatment that was. These guys worked us like it was nothing I swear. Even on a good day I dont think we could have won. by the time the first half was over we were down by 21. None of us could get past their offensive line. Its not like they where bigger than us either Id say a tab smaller than most of us. We fumbled the ball twice and our QB couldnt get a pass to connect all game. By the end of the game the score was wolverines 35 Rams 14. We were butchered. We were made into little bitches it wasnt even funny. Theses guys were too damn good PERIOD. Well one of the people on our side of the staduim was Alicia. She came up to me after the game. She gave the "you guys did your best and thats whats important" speech. All I could say is "they where just too damn good" then she tried to hug me to "comfort" me and I pushed her away. I said "Dont think I've forgotten what you did. Im still pissed about that. So dont sit here and try to butter me up" She says "oh come on your not still mad about that are you? quit being such a baby" I said "You embarrased me in front the school, my team, and my parents could have been called about it. The last thing I want is for my parents to find out anything about that." "Why?" she asked. I told her "Because they are religous fanatics and I would never hear the end of it." Then she said "Well Im sorry next time I wont brag about how good it was" (Now whether or not I was that good to her remains a mystery. Personaly I think she said that just to get in my good graces again sneeky little wench) I said "Look we'll talk about this later. I got to get on the bus." So the next day at school. Our grueling defeat was broadcast all over school. People in the halls would still pat us on the back and say "you'll getem next time" and things like that. The ones who hated us "jocks" would snicker behind our backs. They wouldnt do it to our faces they were too scared . So lunch came around and I got my typical meal at my typical spot. Then she walked over and sat down with me. She said "Ok sweety Im sorry for what I did and I will keep that kind of thing private from now on." as she said that she scooted closer and started rubbing my leg. Of course like the IDIOT that I am I forgave her. But her rubbing my crotch was good incentive.

So after school we ended up goign to her house. both parents gone at work. (there was no practice that day either but my parents didnt know that) . So we had 2 whole hours to play . This is the first time that her and I actaully have sex. Everything else was just oral sex or teasing. Now I learned alot from this girl sexaully. She was very experiened for her age. She was the first girl to teach me about bondage. Not the first time we were together but as things went along she started asking me to tie her up. She would also ask me to be rough with her. Granted I was alittle affraid to be too rough. I could easily hurt her and not realize it. One time she even had bruises on her forarms from me. I gripped them that hard but she wanted it. I tried appologizing for it but she said it was ok she liked it. Course one of her friends managed to see the bruises and immediatly thought it was from me. She confronted me about it. I dotn even remember what she said. She was cussing and screaming at me about it. Finaly I told her to keep her voice down and I exsplained it. I told her that I didnt mean to grip that hard but she wanted me to be forceful with her. I told her about apologizeing for it and she didnt even care. So the two of us had to go see Alicia to confirm this and she did. I took her friend aside and asked her if she had heard that Alicia was into anything like this? She said no.

So things went on everytime her and I would get together at her house it was a freakathon. Her parents were rarely home they had schedules that were chaotic. So they could come home anytime. I admit I found that alittle bit of a turn on . Most of the time however so this was my first dom/sub relatioship. I was the dom she was the sub.

Anyway. The next game was against the hawks. the game I remember most. I knew one of their teamates back in 6th grade. He and I lets just say we did not like eachother. As fate would have it he was guarding none other than ME. Now he and I were about the same size. I think I had maybe 20 pounds on him. He had slimmed up since last I saw him. When the two of us met glares it was like it was just him and me no one else. I suppose alitte back ground is in order to understand the deal between him and I.

Back in 6th grade we were actually pretty good friends. That was until a new student arrived. Which later would become my first g/f later on. But he and I both had a HUGE crush on her. Course I would never admit it to HER. But she seemed to like me more and my friend tried his best to befriend her but she just wasnt having it. She hated him. But one time at recess I was talking to her I was spending more time with her because of what she did for me kinda got to me. So her and I became friends. Well HE didnt like that. He got jealious. So he and I got into an altercation on the playground (that sounds so funny) Needless to say it was a good fight. Unfortunately cut short by the teacher. Who won the fight? well...some say it was me because I had less blood on my face hsi face looked worse for ware than mine. But others say because he was on top of me when the fight ended that he won. To me it was never finished. Finaly he and I settled it off school grounds on the weekend. We met on the baseball field near my house and a couple of each of our friends were their to witness it. So he came at me and got me on the ground (HA right where we left off) We wrestled in the dirt for awhile until I got the upperhand. I got him pinned down and I got a really good shot at his face. Right in the nose. He was out for about 30 seconds. talk about a lucky punch . He hated me ever since. But when the school year was over he ended up moving and went to a different middle school. and the rest is history.

So now at long last we meet again on the football field. Nothing was said we just wanted to kill one another. First few plays we would just sit there and wrestle eachother to the ground sometimes he got me sometimes I got him. Well just before halftime I got him good. I knocked off his helmet. He got mad after the play was over and picked it up and smacked me in the head with it. Their team got penalized 20 yards for it. Second half came the coach decided to switch around and have our strong side take their weak side. SO I end up bulldozeign over their guard and head straight for the QB. We here comes my rival to save the day BAM a low blow to the knee. Now that knee was already hurt before a couple year back when I took a direct pitch to my knee cap when I was catcher and I had no pads on. I was able to stand up and hop off the field but I was out of the rest of the game. The trainer came over and took a look. He thought I might have fractured something so he iced me up and elevated my leg. He said that I should go to the hospital I said I was good enough to watch the rest of the game then I would go. My parents were called to come get me. They arrived at the end of 3rd quarter. So I didnt get to watch the end of the game. They took me to the hospital. I got X-rayed and all that jazz. The doctor said it was a compound sprain or something like that and that I would need to be off of it for 3 months. It was not a perminate injury but it was bad enough to where I couldnt play the rest of the season. So I was on crutches for 2 months and then I could finaly just limp the last month. Had to do physical therapy for 3 months after that. But I was healthy enough to try out for baseball unforutnately..Im a better football player than baseball player SO I didnt make the cut. I eneded up playing baseball for the same little league that I played for the years before. They have leagues for different ages and goes all the way up to 18. My g/f Alicia stayed with me up until it was time to decide on whether or not to play football next season. But Ill save that for the last installment of this series...its a sad tale indeed.

To be Continued....

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