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11/25/2005 4:59 pm

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I was inspired by stiletto_luvr4u's post about fetishs heres the post. How did your fetish start?

I have that same question How did your fetish start? and further more..When did you realize you had a fetish? Did you ever try to go outside your fetish? Was the exsperience a good one or a bad one?

My answers

My fetish is short petite women with dark hair.
I had a crush on my sister's friend when I was 6 years old. She was always really sweet to me compared to my sister and her EVIL other friend (and shes still evil to this day). I had another crush on a girl in 4th grade who was also short and petite and raven black hair mmmmm yummy

As far as how it started I cant say it just did. but I would have to say the first time I realized I had this fetish was when I was about 16-17 years old.

Yes I went outside my fetish with a large black girl she was about an inch taller than me...I was 15 she was 16...she was very agressive and larger than me. Granted I wasnt as big back then but as I am now but I wasnt a push over either. It was the worse sex Ive ever had..I dont think it was great for either though Im sure, but she was terrible. She didnt really turn me on that much I guess I was just in that lonley fuck anything that breaths mode when I was hurt the year before...but anyway thats me.

popmuse01 35F

11/25/2005 9:36 pm

Ooh...fetishes. Yummy. lol. I have a few fetishes actually!

Fetish 1: Men's asses AND eyes. I can't help but stare at a nice ass. The eyes though..are something new that I've noticed, maybe because I'm getting more confidant in myself. The ass fetish started as a child watching football. I have rarely dated a guy who had both a nice ass and gorgeous easy to look into eyes.

Fetish 2: Don't know if you could call it a fetish really...but definately sex in nature. Outdoor sex/public sex if you will. Nothing better than getting totally naked and letting yourself free for awhile. My first experience with outdoor sex/public sex was in the backseat of my car when I was 19. lol. We were at the local park and fogged up the windows pretty good even though we knew the people across from the park were home. Another AWESOME experience was at a local swimming hole (so to speak. it's an outlet for a canal from the town's powerhouse to the river, which is actually connected to 2 different lakes). My first exclusive FWB and I got away with swimming upstream a little and going at it in not really plain sight, but if they looked hard enough, they'd have seen us! *sigh* I do go 'outside' the fetish and have the 'normal' sex in the bedroom/house, but with my living situation it's kinda hard to make sure no one else is home unless it's just my nephew, and he's cool about it. lol

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

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11/26/2005 7:45 am

I have a sub thing. I think its because my dad was never around and now I need that type of attention. You know, a dominamt male type thing.

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11/27/2005 7:22 pm

So did they hook you up with the Japanese chick or what, night?
I'm dying already. Clue us in.

BTW- petite brunettes, willowy brunettes and chunky blondes...OH MY!!!!

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

nightstalker172 36M
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11/28/2005 3:16 am

spin - about the japanese chick well...I ended up not going...I didnt make an excuse though I had a very good reason not to go...My cat had got ahold of something toxic and I had to rush her to the vet...thankfully it wasnt lethal but I had to keep an eye on her for the rest of the night..and give her medication. she was pretty sick though shes better now but the vet said to continue with the med for a week to make sure its completely out of her system...so we might be going out next weekend I dont know...we'll see.

nightstalker172 36M
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11/28/2005 6:33 pm

lovespell - if you're shorter than me Im good

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