Bad Boy Vs Nice guy (part 2)  

nightstalker172 36M
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4/14/2006 10:31 am

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Bad Boy Vs Nice guy (part 2)

I was reading an article on nice guys vs bad boys...And why women find bad boys more attractive then nice guys.

1. Low self esteem - Some women have such a low opinion of themselves that they date bad boys because they feel they deserve to be treated badly.

2. Confidence - Women love confidence bad boys seem to have more of it then nice guys. Nice guys are too busy being nice and respectful

3. Challenge - Some women often see it as a challenge to tame a bad boy. They are arrogant enough in themselves to think that they will change the bad boys ways and make him want to settle down with HER. (keep dreaming ladies we dont settle down with you because you train us to we do so out of our own desire and if it ends up being with you...thats simply your good timing)

4. Strength - Bad boys show strength but not putting up with a womans crap. Hence why so many ladies are treated badly. The fact is you like a guy with back bone...yet you still want him to worship you even though niceguys already do so..funny how that is.

5. Danger - Bad boys are often exciting and naughty. They bring life to your otherwise mundane world.

In the end however when a woman is ready to settle down with one man she often goes for the nice guy WHY?

1. Dependable - Hes there for her when she needs him. Whether it be emotionaly or otherwise.

2. Security - Typically nice guys are more fanacially stable and better able to take care of her and any future offspring.

3. Control - She knows that a nice guy worships the ground she walks on and that makes her the queen of the universe (granted I know this isnt always true but come on...You know that some of you are concieted enough to like it this way)

4. Dad material - Lets face it if you are a nice guy and she is going to settle down with you. Shes going to want to have children. She wants a man whos going to stick around and help take care of the children and not run out...also true if she already has children with you know..the bad boys that she so stupidly slept with. The saying I was young and stupid rings true does it not.

5. Loyalty - Of course you want a man whos loyal to you and has only eyes for you...but how often do your own eyes wonder. Sometimes the nice guy gets cheated on. Sometimes the nice guy has no spine and lets it happen without so much as a peep because HE himself doesnt want to lose SUCH A WONDERFUL WOMAN...Sometime the ladies are just tired of cheaters and want a man whos not going to do so...But she better practice what she preaches.

So the gist of things is this. Bad boys get to have all the fun with as many women as he wants and the nice guy has to WAIT until shes ready to settle down....So who really wins here? The nice guy has to wait until shes ready to be with him and the bad boy is free. He has true freedom to be with whom he wants and treat them like shit in the process. What does the nice guy get?...He either does one of two things. He patiently waits OR he becomes the asshole bad boy because hes tired of being walked all over. YET so many women want the nice guy or at least thats what they say YET they go for pricks...and they end up makeing more pricks by treating the nice guy as only a friend. So its like they shoot themselves in the foot.

As they say dont hate the playa hate the game....which is just and excuse to be an asshole...Why play games they are a waste of time more importantly...a waste of MY TIME...

Here is part one incase you were wondering Nice Guy VS Bad Boy

popmuse01 35F

4/14/2006 4:28 pm

lol you said it man!

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

dasher121 36M

4/14/2006 8:35 pm

some things I can understand on that list. The first #4 is the kicker, and Ive seen it happen. Nice dudes who let their woman walk all over them, bow down when they arent wrong. It really does make your mate think less of you,if you dont have somewhat of a backbone


Hippink 35F
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4/15/2006 7:36 pm

Oh, that's not where it ends. The nice guy likes the bad girls, too, they just hide this fact from their nice wives. They can actually become the bad boy, but with someone else. Everyone, even nice people, likes to have a little challenge & danger in their lives just to spice things up a bit.

Inside every nice man or woman, is a bad boy or girl screaming to get out.

Inside every bad boy or girl is a nice person waiting to be tamed... by the right person.

My theory obviously isn't fool-proof, but I've known enough of both sides, and have been on sex sites long enough to have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the minds of the so-called "nice" people. The facade is pretty thin.
Hippie XXX

NickRules999 39M
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4/16/2006 2:01 pm

After reading this, I think I'd better change my tune. I look the part of a bad boy, but I've been taught to always treat women with respect. Maybe I've been hearing the wrong thing all these years, or maybe I'm after the wrong kind of woman.

Nice guys finish last, but I'm gonna finish first.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

nightstalker172 36M
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4/16/2006 9:07 pm

Ohbaby - You are missing the point. There are of course many different personality traits that make up an individual, but One thing is common in the dateing world you are either a bad boy OR a nice guy. Simply speaking of men for a moment. The nice guy is the guy whos there for you 24/7 he is a servant and he hopes that bending over backwards will get your attention. Now some women but very few would like that in a man. Easy to control. A bad boy however is the guy who stand up for himself and doesnt take women's crap. Women are not really seeing that as being treated badly but that hes standing up for himself and that he is CONFIDENT enough to fill the natural role of protector...(Now Im not a sexist so leave your femenist comments at the door). Now of course there are two type of women too bad girls and nice girls...A nice girl wants to be loved etc etc...but tends to be attracted to the wrong type who for lack of a better word will only want in her pants and then ditch her...a Bad girl on the other hand plays men just as much as men might try to play her...They will use men for whatever they can get, money, sex, car, gifts, whatever...

Now of course there are many different people who have their own personalty traits that they bring to the table but they are still lumped into the good/bad types. Only when a woman has reached a certain maturity will she then choose wisely..But for a moment lets say that a woman wants sex and nothing children or any of that crap...She wants the sexy bad boy not a

curious082385 31F
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4/17/2006 3:40 am

I have to say that the biggest reason is the first #4. It dosen't matter if you are a nice guy or a bad boy...if you aren't strong enough to stand up for yourself, to me or anyone else...plain and simple, I'm not going to be interested. I guess maybe it is just that bad boys tend to be more upfront with that kind of strength then nice guys do.

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