Alot of Virgin talk part 2  

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1/21/2006 7:23 am

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Alot of Virgin talk part 2

Well as thing progressed she actually seemed very interested in sex alot. (I think it was because it was the only kind of affection she really got from anyone was from me) One thing though is she asked me to promise not to tell anyone that her and I have been intimate...Now Ive never had a problem being a gentlmen. I was never one to brag about it at all. Partly because I never needed any of my peers approval they were all morons in my eyes anyway. Well there this this other girl who was also not so popular and her and my girl had been friends since before she met me...Well my girl was spending alot less time with her and was spending it with me. Jealousy reared its ugly head and she ended up telling my girl friend that I was in the locker room bragging to everyone had I had "banged" my g/f all the time and that she was begging for it and all this other shit. So my g/f confronted me about it. I swore to her I never said anything. and she broke up with me. So then I hear later that it was her friend that was telling everyone that her and I were together...but unfortunately her loyalty was to her friend instead of me and she cast me as just another typical guy...and that hurt the most...being label and just another one of THEM...when I try so hard not to be....sigh...fate seem to always be against teases me and then rips me a new one everytime...DAMN YOU FATE....but thats ok I wasnt too broken up about loseing her...I still wasnt over my first...It took more than one girl to help me forget about her..and you know even to this day I get alittle sad at how things went but what can you do right...

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1/22/2006 8:44 pm

A boyfriend's worst enemy is the Friend of his lover.

Mostly because with emotions of the are always looking for signs that a "relationship" isn't going to work don't want to be hurt. When a friend..."WHO WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT YOU" tells you think to yourself that anything they say must be true.


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