Fog's lifting  

nightscapes6 56F
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7/16/2006 10:50 am
Fog's lifting

OK then, as we go along, more and more is obvious. I said it was important to me that you kept in touch - that's key, not necessarily a lot of time spent in the same place - and yet I get the lame "sorry, been busy with #$%^ (insert excuse of choice), cat died (again), wife just had our 10th child (maybe an exageration but you get the point)". Everyone is busy in their own way - I get it, I really do, but it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to write consistently. It doesn't have to be War and Peace or every tiny detail of your day but enough to know there is really a genuine interest in being friends as well as lovers.

Is that asking for too much? In most cases, obviously, but it usually sorts things out in a hurry. Same thing applies to all friendships of any kind in my life - make the effort or be gone.

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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7/17/2006 7:40 am

Makes sense Night. But sometimes people get distracted by life's daily grind and neglect to keep in touch. Sometimes it takes two to make the effort to continue the friendship/relationship.

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