Do You Ever Get Thirsty?  

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4/5/2006 6:21 am

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Do You Ever Get Thirsty?

Don't you ever get thirsty, for that drink called a kiss? Not just any kiss though, but one so full of passion, drunk with so much emotion it just consumes you whole as you indulge in it.

And it IS that.... An indulgence... An addiction... When you KNOW that there's more to the kiss than just the meeting of lips, the taste, the play of tongue, the wandering of hands, scent of passion driven sweat and at and motion...

There's LOVE, and that love throws you even deeper into the kiss, until your swimming in it, the eternal swim you wouldn't want to rest from. If it could go on forever, sustaining it's intensity, you would, eat, drink, live on that kiss!

It's not only the intensity, but within the sooth of the kiss, the tenderness which bloosoms, it enriches you, energizes every cell of your being, making you believe that you can do and achieve just about anything because of it...

It's not just all in the mind... It's a combination of good chemistry, working biologies, and entwined psychologies of the two... It even becomes spiritual, the dance of two souls within one kiss...

Don't you ever thirst for that? A melding which is more meaningful than a trist with someone you don't even know? With a person who ends up being nameless and faceless by the very next morning? Yes, it may have been good... Yes, it may have slacked your lust.... But did it slack your thirst to fill the void? Is it enough?

I could go without the animal cravings, so long as they remains no love...

The End
Wild Storm
10.50pm 5th October 2005

By the way, if you've emailed me and I haven't replied - ladies and men, it's because the email isn't letting me reply. And otherwise men, it's because I'm not interested.

Oh, Cartoonish I know, but I thought that the pic was cute though.

Wild Storm

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