you know what sounds really good right now??  

nightman448 46M
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6/22/2006 12:37 pm

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you know what sounds really good right now??

I've been thinking about the type of girl I would like to have in my life. I have usually fallen for blondes and a few brunettes here and there. Those have had some minimal results. With the blondes there have been better, but still I am not satisfied with the outcome.
Lately my interest has been sparked to red heads. I see a few of them on a daily basis at work and man are there some cute ones!!! So... what I am thinking is, maybe I should try to get with a red head girl. I think that might be exciting. They seem to look like they are a little wilder and have alot going on.
Of course, me being a little on the choosy side, am not going to try to get with every little red haired girl out there. If this makes any sense, I want a particular model of red head. I wish I had a woman creation machine and I would just make one... but I can't. And, I can't draw, so my words will have to give you an idea of what my brain, heart, and other vital organs desire. So here we go........

Strawberry or fire red hair(upstairs and downstairs)Curly hair... longer. Light colored skin... not totally pale. A tan is good, but not overly tan. Freckles are cute too. I nice figure is a plus, but she doesn't have to be super skinny or super model build. A little meat on the bones is healthy (need a little something to jiggle sometimes). I love boobs of all shapes and sizes, but with a red head, I can imagine more of some medium sized cups with some nice perked up nipples. Not for sure how to word that, so if any one wants to submit pictures that I can look at to identify what I am looking for, feel free. I also like a nice round ass.. not a huge caboose, but something to grab every once in a while. I think somewhere in the early or late 20's, maybe even up to the mid 30's for age would be just fine.

I don't know... maybe that paints a good enough picure of kind of what I am looking for. I hope it doesn't make me sound too sexist about stuff. Call it my fantasy girl. A girl that would go good with any meal.If she should ever happen to show up, that would be really nice!!

countryheart_71 45F
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6/22/2006 2:25 pm

You mean I have to dye my hair now?!?!?!?


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