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7/9/2006 1:58 am

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chat room observations

so... the past couple of nights I have gone and visited a few of the chat rooms that AdultFriendFinder provides. In those rooms, I have noticed a few things that maybe some of you have seen too. If I miss anything, please let me know.

1. If you are not a regular to that particular chat room, very seldom are you acknowledged. I always have to find myself trying to find something "witty" to say, to perhaps become noticed. Of course all the guys there are all trying to come up with something creative to say to get a woman to notice them. So I'm sure that what I say just rolls off the other room member's backs. Most times I will sit for a few minutes in a chat room and observe, trying to find some kind of conversation I can hook on to. But, usually, I do not give chat rooms much of my time, because i have other stuff to do.

2. There are more and more "bots" popping up in chatrooms trying to get people to visit different pay sites or repeating the same message over and over again. The funny thing is.. some guys even try to hold meaningful conversations with these bots. I was a chatter on Yahoo long enough to be able to tell the difference usually between a real and a fake chatter.

3. I like to view women's cams. Lately I have noticed that female's cams are getting more and more scarce. I have watched a few where the female will sit there and tease for a while and then they put up a sign giving another address "if you want to see a real show, go to........". On occasion I like to see what couples on cam might be up to. I am usually dissappointed to only see the male half of the couple sitting there jerking off. Where is the so-called female half???? That's what I really want to see. That there is false advertising. But there is never a shortage of guys being on cam. If you want to see a guy choking his chicken, you don't have to look too far. I rarely will go on cam anymore because it seems that only guys want to watch... that is disgusting.

4. If you are going to use a screen name, at least have it describe you in some way or be able to back it up. So many names have "Hott", "Cute", "Sexxy", etc in their names. I have found alot that have pics or get on cam that have those names to be nowhere close to what I consider hot or sexy or such. Then there are some who do not have pics, so we have no idea what they are all about.

5. If a guy enters a chat room, there is basically nothing said to them, unless they are a regular. when I enter a room, crickets chirp!! Now if a female enters a chat room, she suddenly has a hundred or so room greeters. The guys are like puppies at a pet store..."pick me, pick me". I always think of sperm trying and fighting to reach an egg. I am not one of those aggressive chat room guys. I just sit back and watch most of the time.

6. Guys always seem to lose the ability to spell or speak in complete English sentences when they are chatting. I guess typing with one hand does that to you. Don't get mewrong... I am one of those one hand chat guys sometimes, but i guess I am a perfectionist and feel the need to correct my mistakes.

Well these are just a few of my own observations,and this has got to be my longest blog entry ever. Yes I am ripping on chat rooms and how people act on them. And yes I am guilty of some of this stuff too, so you know I'm not trying to be a hypocrite. i will continue to go to chat rooms every once in a while if for anything the entertainment value.If anyone else has something they want to add, please do so.

secondtimeluck00 46F

7/9/2006 2:41 am

I am wondering if you used the generic ones or the geographical rooms. I frequent the local chatroom to me, and when I had a pic on my profile, I got a lot of guys messaging me and trying to get me on msn or on private message. But now that I have taken off the pics, I can just sit back and watch and guys seldom chat me up there now. I think in the local rooms, there are 2 groups of ppl: one group that sit back and watch how others chat and probably join in on the chit-chat; another group that are hunters there looking for a fast hook-up, usually the standard members cos the chatroom is the only way where they as standard members can contact ohter members.

rm_iwannatellu 45F
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7/9/2006 2:57 am

I agree on most points, but it is not necessarily true for all the rooms. I found that you have to persist if you want to join in. Find a room where there is a smaller core of people and you will have a better chance of making friends.

Good luck

charmernstuff 39F
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7/9/2006 3:20 am

most of what you are advice dont enter sauna,because those regulars will tear you to pieces...they just bearly respect each other.

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