3 years in a haunted house  

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8/11/2006 2:53 am

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3 years in a haunted house

Today, August 11 is the 3rd anniversary of when I signed the closing papers on my house and began moving in. Here are some highlights or lowlights of living here so far.

1. broken toilet tank on the first flush
2. Leaky bathroom ceiling leading to bathroom light fixture shorting out.
3. Bedroom window fell out and landed inches from where i was sleeping earlier
4. Several incidences of snakes in the basement... 3 bat flights in my living room
5. I fell about halfway down my stairs, scratching and spraining my arm
6. Huge limbs have fallen out of my tree on 2 occasions
7. Front screen door blew off
8.Siding has either fallen off or became partially detached
9. My car was broken into in a failed stolen battery attempt
10. My friend Dave was nearly crushed and had his hand broken when we were taking the washer and dryer down to the basement.
11. Dave drilled a hole into my floor to feed my phone line to another part of my house, and hit a major power line causing a small fire
12. I stepped on an exposed screw sticking out of a board... the same week i wrecked my new car and dropped a 30 lb. bucket of strawberries on the same foot.
13. Two remote controls and 3 or 4 contact lenses have disappeared without a trace.
14. It's blazing hot in the summer and super cold (upstairs) in the winter
15. My bed shakes whenever a train goes by, but it doesn't bother me much
16. Almost forgot the sewer backs up every 5 or six months from tree roots... nasty stuff

So.. as you can see I have had a really good time being a home owner. It sure does beat renting and living in a less private setting of an apartment. I have saved money this way and I'm sure being a home owner will pay off for me in another 27 years or so. I think if I move out of here and look for a new place, I will have a better checklist to go by so I can avoid some of these mishaps, but I am sure with my luck, that something will come up.

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