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7/23/2005 2:20 pm

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First post!!

O.k., so today is my first journey onto this site. My pics are up...though I hid my face. Hahaha, I guess that shows you what type of site this is. Of course if anyone wants to see my pictures I will gladly email them...just don't want friends to possible see me on this site.

Alright so some of the thoughts I have so far. Well, it's an interesting site. It has a very erotic vibe about it and it ignites my imagination. Gives me a since that the possiblities of sexual fantasy are endless.

Some problems...
I've seen the same pictures posted on different profiles. I'm surprised AdultFriendFinder hasn't done something about this....but I assume they want you to feel there are more members on this site. Gives them an opportunity to make more money. Can't fault them for that, but it will keep members from staying.

I don't buy into the one picture profile, nobody is going to register and go through all that trouble to post just one picture...that doesn't make since. My guess is most of those pics are fake. It becomes real apparent when that picture is professionaly done. Why stop at one professional pictures? If I was a fake on this site I would at least go to the trouble and make 3 pictures. Give the illusion my profile is real.

hahahaha...who knows, I might not get a date on this site. I registered yesterday and have yet to get a wink. I emailed a few women today. I let you know what happens. This might not be a site for single guys...I was looking at the ratio on this site and it's 12 guys to 1 girl. Amazing!! If you are an attractive girl, this site is for you. Lots of option for you....though I can imagine there are some weird people on this site. Well, maybe weird is to harsh a word, I would imagine overly aggressive people with few manners would be a huge turn off. Weird is subjective, after all this is a site to explore your kinky side of a relationship. Some might consider that weird....

O.k., I going out tonight....let you know tomorrow if I get any winks. And... I might throw down an erotic story for any one who might be reading this blog.

Have a great night!!!

nightlight702 38M

7/24/2005 10:23 am

Thank you so much for the two winks, I'm surprised I had a visitor on the blog. That's great!!

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