Where to Cum?  

nightis 53M
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5/8/2006 4:16 am

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9/19/2006 11:22 am

Where to Cum?

Going back to my post regarding "The Three Date Minimum", I have a related subject. One of the stresses of a first and potentially last date is where to cum.

Once last summer, I had a date that is still technically a "one night stand". We have plans to get back together, but she spent the entire fall, winter and spring in California. Anyhow, she was an amazingly sexual person and on a first date, I tend to toil very hard for my woman's enjoyment.

I worked with her and she was truly fascinated by my gentleness. I went from oral to a short bout of penetration with my cock. She enjoyed my teasing as I entered her and then exited several times. Ladies, as much as this gal enjoyed these sensations, the excitement of entering a woman's pussy with my cock is breathtaking in its own right. It doesn't matter how many times. Combined with all of the visual elements involved, it just doesn't get old.

Well, long story short, she finally started to feel guilty or something, because we had so little time together and began to turn the tables. She was so skilled orally and then she straddled and took a ride; all the while daring me to finish while I watched.

I refused, not wanting the sex to end. In recent years, sex has come so infrequently that the last thing I want to do, is hurry up and have it over. I think she realized my predicament and asked me "Where do you want to cum"?

The answer is of course is everywhere!

Here I am, a good hour and a half into the throws of this sexual adventure. She sits above me as I am on my back with her mouth inches from my exposed cock. It is like when the fairy gives a poor boy one wish and the first one can’t be three more requests!

It is a question that I have now only heard twice in my life, but the ramifications still flash in my mind.

lustcurious42 56F

5/8/2006 10:38 pm

You make me laugh out loud sometimes. Being stressed over where to cum. Oh baby, shoot it on my face, on my titties, rub it into my belly, just cum.........

nightis replies on 5/9/2006 4:00 am:
Ya, but Lusty, these are the stresses of a first and potentially last date! SO MUCH PRESSURE!

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