What Kind of Man?  

nightis 53M
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6/14/2006 4:55 pm
What Kind of Man?

What kind of man
Allows him self to be bound
To the headboard of your bed?

OK, so it is me
Happy to be the object of your
and the subject of such great pleasure.

The ties in place and the
blind blacking out the light
you took those things that are most
my sight
my ability to touch.

But what is that I discover by my mouth?
Your breast?
That tastes suspiciously like

Above, I hear your smiles
Your laughter that comes in quiet giggles,
Then a hot sensation about my abdomen
Now your tongue and lips follow

Whoops, some just rolled off my stomach
Onto your warm comforter
You retrieve a warm rag to clean
the comforter and me.

Next come sensations on me
Cock & Balls
Your mouth is close behind to clean
and sample….Oh my

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