To Dom or not to Dom  

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4/10/2006 6:02 am

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To Dom or not to Dom

AdultFriendFinder should have fine print that says “no wussies allowed”. If you aren’t packing the sexual goods, you really don’t belong here. Of course “sexual goods” does not necessarily mean that your cock is 8 plus inches long or that you swallow routinely and love it. It means that you are mentally ready for intense and creative sex every encounter.

A trend that I have noticed is that women on AdultFriendFinder generally want to be pushed to their sexual limits. That means guys that you have to have a significant amount of “dominance” (dom) in you. Many guys naturally have that trait but whether they have true sexual talent is a matter of discussion. Personally, I was raised a “nice guy”, a curse among the AdultFriendFinder population. A guy like that sits at home alone on a Friday and Saturday night! I believe a woman’s limits are that and should be respected. My overall AdultFriendFinder dating record shows just the opposite however, as I have been able to combine the two worlds.

Yes…I have my issues with being a “dom” and have a much easier time being a “sub”. (I want to make clear, I am not talking about BDSM). I am not really a “man’s man”. I prefer wine over beer, cats over dogs, don’t even come close to understanding NASCAR and I take exception with many of the modern ethics of hunting. That aside, I have a brain and I use it! Being a sub however, presents the woman as a teacher or leader. Only one woman on AdultFriendFinder has made a significant attempt to expand my sexual limits. It is assumed that a man has few or no limits.

With all this said, I have taken necessary baby-steps to a more dominant side at times. It has been intriguing to watch the reaction of a woman when you approach from that angle. There are ways to subtlety push a woman passed her sexual intentions by appealing to her intellect without the macho bravado one might think is needed or for that matter wrongfully considered a requirement.

lustcurious42 56F

4/10/2006 10:24 pm

Interesting thoughts. I know I prefer a somewhat dominant man, a take-charge kind of man in the bedroom yet someone with a gentleness to them. There are few that truly combine the two, dominance with gentleness. And it's funny, I prefer beer over wine, the bigger the dog the better, love my 4 wheel drive over my car anyday and love to wear stocking, heels and skirts. I hope others respond on this subject. I'd like to read how others feel.

nightis replies on 4/11/2006 5:10 am:
Thanks for your comments Lusty...good to see your visit. Up until 2004, I had only owned 4 X 4 trucks. In fact I usually had two of them; one with a snow plow. When you drive 200 miles a day, it doesn't make much sense to have those types of rigs!

"and love to wear stocking, heels and skirts". That is a very effective button to push with me!

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