The weekend is Here!  

nightis 53M
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5/30/2006 11:36 am
The weekend is Here!

Yes, you heard me right. Now that you all are back at work, I get three days off. When you do the kind of work that I do, you work when everybody else plays. Don't cry for me now, I am feeling pretty good about my social life right now, thanks to someone that has put in just as much effort as I have.

Over the last three days, I have worked 36 hours, dealt with broken bones, seperated shoulders, a rowdy volcano and bosses that whine when they feel out of the notification loop.

On Saturday night though, all the stars aligned when my oldest son stayed the night with a friend and another frind in Castle Rock took my youngest for the night. The third part of the puzzle came together when my female friend agreed to meet me at a motel in Chehalis where we had yet another amazing night of human sexual interaction.

On Thursday night, I blogged about how we went to see a movie and cuddled like high schoolers. My hands had wandered to her silky legs and found a regular diet there in the darkness. It certainly motivated her to make the drive to Chehalis on Saturday and for me to make the arrangements!

Did I mention how much I enjoy a woman that will dress up for her man? Good stuff!

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