The Near Future  

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6/3/2006 5:57 am

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The Near Future

I am looking down the road a few days and can't see my next tryst. That is ashame! I have gotten used to good satisfying company, some great intelligent conversation and of course dynamic sex.

The nature of my job this time of year is on and off. This particular week I am all over Southwest Washington to either attend training or train others. For four or five days at a time, it seems that I do is work and sleep, then it appears from the outside that I don't work at all for a week at a time. Later this month of course is the move south a couple of counties and then the boys and I will start spending my three day weekends in a variety of wilderness areas in the Central Cascades of Washington.

Of course, they will be headed to camps and to grandparents. Hmmm, I wonder what I will do?

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