The Lure of a Northwest Starbucks  

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3/16/2006 5:13 am

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The Lure of a Northwest Starbucks

I met a woman at the South Hill Starbucks and while the date was uneventful, the time prior to her arrival was most illuminating. Being a non-coffee drinker limits my time at Starbucks; in fact, I have only been to three. I interviewed job candidates at the Centralia outlet, dropped in at one in Susanville, California and now South Hill. I can conclude this. If you want to know where the local “beautiful” people are, drop into your local Starbucks. It attracts a handsome breed. Just glance at the parking lot of vehicles outside to get the idea.

I was also impressed by the friendliness of people. While waiting in line, a woman struck up a conversation with me about “days”. You know, National Coffee Day”, Take your Poodle to Work Day and all the various concerns that each have a day of illumination each year. That is an American habit. This was an example something that tourists have been telling me a lot over the last two years. Northwesterners are friendly.

Working in the tourist industry, I spend a lot of time listening to people. One of my favorites to talk to are transplants; People that have lived somewhere else (usually the east coast) and have moved to the Northwest for a job. Almost to a person, they will say that they are surprised by the genuine friendliness of northwesterners. They have observed that the smiles are genuine!

It was no more apparent when one middle-aged man garnered the attention of the man at the table next to him. “Excuse me, can I ask what you are reading?” That one inquiry started a long conversation between strangers in a Northwest Starbucks.

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