Revisiting "Sex in the Great Outdoors"  

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7/26/2006 8:04 am

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Revisiting "Sex in the Great Outdoors"

I found it quite ironic that exactly one year to the day, I wrote the following......

Like many things that I read about, I am intrigued by the number of fantasies and comments about sex in the great outdoors. Two days and nights on backcountry patrol in the wilderness northeast of Mt. St. Helens made me think of several things. None of them were sex. There were a couple of times where there was a really nice place set out before me and I wished that there was someone that I could share it with. Sex was not on my mind.

Maybe it is because my partner of 15 years wouldn’t be caught nude having sex outdoors or for that matter even in a tent. Perhaps my last sexual camping affair, back in the mid 80s, at Diamond Lake, Oregon gave me a bad taste when the temperature was about 120 degrees in that tent. Sex was good, but no better than any place else.

Of all people on AdultFriendFinder that could have and enjoy sex in the great outdoors, you would think it would be me. Isn’t that a piece of irony that an outdoor professional really doesn’t consider an affair in the woods that exciting? Maybe there is someone that could make me enjoy it!


It seems that a good portion of the sex that I have had this summer has been outdoor sex! The key is that I found a partner and friend that brings the best in sex anywhere! I guess that it is a form of seduction, and I am all about seduction!

2daycowboywanted 45F

7/27/2006 12:15 pm

Good to know that you found such a sensual lover - someone who is concerned for your well being as well as theirs.

Enjoy the outdoors - goodness knows I do!!

Unti later

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