Judge, Jury and Executioner  

nightis 52M
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3/14/2006 8:15 am
Judge, Jury and Executioner

One of the least favorite parts of my job is enforcing winter snow play activities. My employer has a “no snow play” rule in effect in certain parts of the monument. Therefore, I am the one that has to enforce it.

I feel bad for a lot of the local folks where this is the closest snow. For most of them, it is a good 100 miles to White Pass for the closest winter recreation. I have loopholes to fall back on so actual enforcement in minimal. Most of the time, I am checking for safety and make sure boundaries are not extended. One policy that I live by however is that “snowmen” have a very short life span. I won’t encourage snow play which leads to injuries and resource damage from warming fires and broken trees.

Yesterday, three very artistic snowmen appeared on my patrol route. When I saw them, I knew I would have to return which a shovel. As I arrived, a young Floridian couple was there. Initially, I tried to wait them out, hoping that I could take care of my ugly deed away of the public eye. They were clearly having a great time and my time allotted to the task was running low. I made contact and explained to them the policies and what I was going to do. They had one request as they departed. Please destroy the one they had improved (a little snow person with ice wings) last. I honored their request.

For so many reasons, this part of the winter recreation program or lack thereof is my least favorite enforcement gig.

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