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2/26/2006 9:58 am

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Eyes Wide Open

On Friday night, I attended my first formal AdultFriendFinder event at Area 151 in Tacoma. My eyes were wide open, both literally and figuratively. I arrived early to find several of the host there and friendly. They routinely introduced themselves and anyone else that would arrive. As the place packed shortly after the 9:00 hour, it was now impossible for that assistance.

From that point on, I enjoys a few dances with several women. Admittedly, I was there to dance, but I didn’t expect the thrills I would get from dancing or even watching the dance floor. “Dirty” dancing, grinding is the rule of the day. I also enjoyed the free exchanges of touches, gropes and physical flirts.

A few positives…
The aforementioned touching and flirting; I love a good open society!
A larger ration of women to men then I expected. I figured on about 75/25 men to women. It was more along the lines of 55/45.
I loved the way the women were dressed!

A Few Negatives…
There were not enough people dancing the entire time I was there!
There were too many couples, but that is understandable.
The dance music was not exactly up to my taste for long periods of time.
Even women that were not in couples seemed to be sitting in the laps of multiple men through the evening, making it confusing when I went to ask them to dance.

Lessons Learned…..
Go with a friend. It would have been very enjoyable to have a good friend to flirt with, grope and perhaps have an option to leave with.
Get a babysitter for the entire night!

I saw one lady that I really wanted to spend some time with later in the evening. I went to find her, but each time I spotted her, she was hanging on a different man. In my last moments, I told her that I would have really wanted her. The smile on her face was unmistakable!

Thanks to the crew of AdultFriendFinder hosts and hostess that put the event together!

nightis 52M

3/4/2006 7:37 pm

The fact that women would dress in a little less than conservative style pleased me greatly. I have to admit, I would prefer to see legs over breasts, but breasts were the name of the game on this night. Low cut bodices barely covering nipples at times and even I was intrigued. I was most entertained by the way women would greet each other with two hands cupping their counterparts breasts. Jeans and pants were the general rule of the day. That was disapointing although there were several outfits that were very nice.
As for the dance, it did remind me a little of a Junior High dance. Everybody did seem to have their own agenda. There was one woman that would only dance by herself. Couples generally danced by themselves, occasionally dancing with their friends. Most people never danced. "Dirty Dancing" was not only the rule of thumb, I think it was expected. It was exciting touching a strange woman that way.
That is why I said it would have been nice to have had my own partner. There is a certain rhythem to even that; more importantly, it is the release of all that sexual tension later.

thislady4u 55F

3/5/2006 3:53 pm

sweety maybe you should have told this woman earlier what your thoughts were..........

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