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7/18/2006 9:32 am

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Brazen & Bold

Since appearing on AdultFriendFinder, it has occured to me that part of my problem through the years has been my shyness. My desire to have class and dignity. This just in folks, 100% class and dignity leaves you lonley and sexless. Of course I say that in a bit of a sarcastic manner, but it is largely serious.

I have been reading the antics of EthicalPlayer and it seems that the observations he makes only confirm my findings here.


My older brother, now 54 once told me as I was finishing up high school that the direct approach worked well. You must know that my brother was very successful with women. He always seemed to have a beauty on his arm and seldom seemed to be in difficult transitions between his women. I am also sure that there were few years between now and 1974 that he didn't reel in at least 100K.

Somewhere in my 18th year, he told me that the direct approach with women worked. "If you want to fuck them, tell them so" he would say.

He indicated that he routinely went to bars, told a woman that he wanted to fuck them and more often than not, had them in his arms that evening.

His advice generally fell on deaf ears. Telling a woman directly that I wanted to fuck them was not exactly my style. I am not that brazen and frankly until recent years I was way too much of a gentleman to tell a woman such a thing.

Once, in a particularly brazen mood at about age 20, I told a woman that I wanted to fuck her. The look on her face was of shock and surprise. She didn't slap me and she didn't tell me to go anyplace particularly hot either. We actually had a serious make-out session that evening. With that particular strategy, I am one for one, batting one thousand! I quit!

Ladies, have you ever been in such a mood where you have actually accepted such a proposal? What would you tell a guy that came to you with such a bold question?

lustcurious42 56F

7/18/2006 6:51 pm

I appreciate such a bold approach. If all a guy is looking for is sex, I'd much rather have him say I want to fuck you then to try and sugarcoat it with let's do this, and next week let's go there, and next month (when they know full well there is no next month).....
But I am of a different breed at times. I like directness because I can deal with directness. It lets me know if I need to keep my emotions in check or what my boundaries are.
On the other hand, I really have no desire to be just anybody's and everybody's sperm receptacle.
And it is all in the delivery, as they say. Some can get away with it, some can't. Just remember that in whatever you say, to keep it real and keep it sincere.
Hey, now are you saying EthicalPlayer would just say let's fuck?

nightis replies on 7/18/2006 7:24 pm:
Hi Lusty...nice to hear from you!

I am saying that he is learning that women want a "direct" approach. At this level of sexual thought, expectations are a little different than what gentlemen like us were taught!

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