Being Judgemental and I Told You so!  

nightis 52M
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5/12/2006 10:12 am
Being Judgemental and I Told You so!

I started chatting with a lady back in February and actually met her at an AdultFriendFinder function in March. Shortly thereafter, she challenged me on several personality traits that caused her to turn very cold and distant. At one point she told me that she could never date me.

Last month we started communicating again and our chats have always been very intelligent and warm. There has always been amazing chemistry. We finally got together last night for just a short time to talk in person. It was very shocking to see the chemistry between us. I knew it all along, but she was very surprised...even though I tried to warn her. The bottom line is careful how quickly you evaluate someone before deciding whether you meet them or not.

I am not a female nor do I understand a lot of the things ladies go through on this site, but these are the general rules I think should be followed.

Rule #1-If they are vulgar, crude and have no societal couth, stop receiving their emails.

Rule #2-If they appear like nice guys...go ahead and meet them in your time and comfort zone. If there is no chemistry don't see them again. Write an email letting them know, there will be no more meetings. Maintain your self discipline

Rule #3-You enjoy the guy and he enjoys you. See him as many times as you would like. Don't be afraid to be enthused! Take each meeting as a single event and enjoy the time with your friend. Don't worry about anything beyond the next date!

This last statement is symptomatic of the difference between this site and other online dating venues. This site is about relationships and sex. The other sites are about relationships.

Should you contact me, don't be surprised that I am actually interested in sex.

As for my friend from last night, we can giggle when I say "I told you so"!

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