Another Year!  

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2/7/2006 1:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another Year!

My 49 year old sister, who is getting married for the first time in a few months and is headed off to Yellowstone to snowmobile for a week tried to make me feel old. I got to say, even though yesterday she asked me how I was and I said 41. Today she did the same and I honestly stated 42.

Do I feel older? No. I have a sore right knee these days, probably from playing basketball, other than that, I feel as good as I did in my late 20s.

Why not my early 20s...well take a breath and remember that I was nearly and Olympic athlete and that type of fitness won't be duplicated by any 40-something.

Take the unique opportunity to be the first date in my 42nd year!

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