Action in Fits and Spurts vs Committment  

nightis 53M
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5/7/2006 7:19 am
Action in Fits and Spurts vs Committment

The last three nights have been very amusing. Each of them has been spent chatting with the two most amazing women that I have met on AdultFriendFinder this year. Just for the record, they both turned me down sexually, kind of a rarity. I have enough respect for them to honor their personal commitments. I repeat. After a certain line is crossed, I will not chase, no matter how high-quality the prize may be. If you want me, the ball is in your court!

Let’s set the stage, Thursday, Friday with both of them, even talking to both about each other; and then Saturday night with one. Both came to me with fresh or ongoing relationship problems of their own. I have befriended both of these ladies, so I spoke kindly, offering my best advice; lending an ear and a voice, all the while wondering if I should be better using my time actually arranging my next sexual adventure.

Those of you that know me understand that what I give is straight off the surface. Despite my gentle, almost romantic nature, I can't have an LTR. I have young boys on a very short leash and a work contract that has a finite deadline. That is right, in a year and a half, I could be out on my ass, unemployed for the first time in my life.(In all honesty, and that is the theme here; technically, I was unemployed for two weeks in 2003.) Legal age restrictions for my profession may force me out of the more physical parts of my job despite my amzaing health and fitness. Government hiring rules will probably prevent me from doing what I love (now 15 years) passed February of 2008, thanks to our war mongering President. Needless to say, I work in a very specialized service and I am constantly in a job hunt. I could be in Northern California, Wyoming or Montana in six weeks.

The bottom line is that my boys and I could become totally displaced anywhere in the west at just about anytime. If you can't take a relationship looking out more than a month or two at a time, I am the wrong guy to contact.

You all decide what kind of relationship is best for me. I know what I want.

I was asked the other night why I don't go to some other dating site. My reply was I don't have the time to develop a relationship to a sexual level. I won't deny it, I want sex early in a relationship. AdultFriendFinder has ladies looking for the same thing, but it seems the best candidates out there always seem to be looking for something more permanent!

I speak often of sexual health, and there is that mischievous part of me that needs to feel my heart race. You know the feeling, like during my last date while I was photographing a woman and literally had to put my camera down to catch my breath or when I narrowly avoided a head-on collision on a snow-covered highway. That is the heart-racing, filled with endorphins action that I crave! I have described exactly what I want right on my profile; a physically mental game of sexual shenanigans. It has been slow to come; fits and spurts at best!

lustcurious42 56F

5/8/2006 10:35 pm

Are you nakkie?????

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