A Bizarre Weekend  

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8/28/2006 6:49 am

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A Bizarre Weekend

It has been a bizarre weekend!

Friday night featured myself and a date at an AdultFriendFinder party in Tacoma. I had great company and really enjoyed being out free of domestic responsibilities. My date and I flirted and touched and danced a little. She introduced me to some other important friends on AdultFriendFinder that I had never met.

Through a bizarre sequence of economic and social events, I found myself working side by side with my ex-wife over the weekend. It is a place and setting we have been more on then off over the last 16 years, Fortunately, I had little time to reminisce or think. Words were few towards each other but there certainly seemed to be understanding and good will. Maybe I will have time to talk about this subject in particular in another post, but for now, I just thought it was a milestone that needed to appear.

Finally, urban EMS staff probably see it all the time, but I was profoundly struck by watching a 16 year old heat exhaustion victim (probably with other complications)get into serious trouble with her vital signs as she fell into complete physical shock. She then responded quickly to treatments. Scary moments through which I formed a pretty neat bond with a doctor from Vancouver BC (Yes, Flo, right in the middle of all that chaos, I thought of you!) who assisted me. Those of you here in the Northwest that are enjoying this most recent "hot spell", please remember to take it seriously. Force yourself to eat and drink plenty of water. It is amazing how quickly we northwest (and southwest Canada!) wimps can get into physical trouble with just the modest heat we are experiencing these last few days.

Well, when they come up, I will be glad to treat you to any other ramblings that might be worth the taps on the keyboard!

Have a good Monday!

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