being there  

nighthawk_6969 59M
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5/25/2006 7:03 pm
being there

i have to be there
with you

in the quiet morning
i lean my back
against the headboard
and watch you sleep
as smiles play with your lips

i can still smell your perfume
and the scent of your hair

i’ll be there in the quiet morning
when your eyes are still closed
to cover their lids with kisses
and listen for that little giggle
that soon escapes your lips

a lover of beauty, a lover

a simple man
who finds his joy
in your laughter
and his pain
in your absence

nuzzling your neck
kissing your shoulders
still warm with the memory
of last night’s passion
and your scream of ecstasy

life is almost as perfect
in the quiet of the morning
as in the noisy storm of night

ShyWhisper2006 53F
15175 posts
6/10/2006 8:14 am

This is beautiful nighthawk...thank you for sharing

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