People Playing Games On Here  

nighthawk030 47
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6/21/2006 8:52 am
People Playing Games On Here

You know we have been on here for almost 2 months and talked to alot of people. It seems that others love to play head games with people on here. We have had 4 people lined up for our encounter and one was suppose to come over not to long ago. This person just kept makeing excusses on while they could not make it instead of telling the truth for the real reason. We did try and talk to this person on 6/20/06 and still could not give a straight answer nor be honest. Why is it that people just have to play head games and get others pissed off because of there games they like playing. If there are and true honest ones out there that may be interested in what we are looking for give us a shot. We are a serious couple and we are not into head games or dishonesty.

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