Tales From the Night  

nightguy1961 55M
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7/30/2005 6:39 am

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Tales From the Night

Okay, I've got some time to tell a couple of tales. One night I came into work. We have an outside pool which is locked at 10pm. I look out and see the water moving. I go out and see a young black girl climbing over the fence. I tell her that the pool is closed and that she needs to get out.

Five minutes later, she comes back to the front desk. I'm thinking, 'Oh crap, I'm white, she's black. She's going to gripe that I'm picking on her because she's black'. Nope, she came by to apologize.

Ten minutes after that, she comes back wearing a long T-shirt. She wants to use the gym. I tell her it's closed until morning. She then tells me that what she really wanted was to try me on for size. Turns out she's 30 something and was turned on by the beard and long hair. She said she wasn't a pro, she just was horny. She proved that by lifting up her shirt. Damn! She had a cute thick butt and a shaved pussy. I asked her if she was jerking my chain. She smiled and said there was one way to find out.

Two things I'm am grateful for where I work:

1. A counter that is out of sight of the night window and front desk AND comes up waste high to me (I'm 6'3").

2. I keep a supply of condoms on hand (hey, you'd be surprised at all the young dicks that hookup and forget a raincoat...I made beer money one Saturday night by selling condoms a buck apiece!)

Anyway, I let her in and let the games begin. We went in the back. She dropped the hint that she was still sorry for trespassing in the pool. I went and got a chair and pulled her over my lap. I gave her maybe 10-15 good swats with my hand before she pulled away, dropped to her knees and starting to unzip my fly. I was already up for the game and this just stoked the fire. Oral sex just gets me hotter, but doesn't get me off all of the time. After a few minutes, I picked her up and put her on the counter. I started going down on her, which made her discover the advantage(for a lady) of my long hair. I thought she was going to pull my hair out. When I felt her start to cum, I kept up the licking until she begged me to stop. She wanted to get down on the floor, but I showed her the advantage of the counter. With her butt on the counter and her feet on my shoulder, it was just a matter of putting it in and walking up. She moaned and groaned and got her rocks off.

We finished off with what turned out to be her favorite position: from behind. I also found out she was into ass play when she begged me to slip a finger in her ass. I thought about sticking something else, but I was too close to the edge myself. Why stop now?

Anyhow, she was satisfied, I was satisfied. What more could there be?

I hope this gives my friends an idea what can happen on the night shift. I'll be back tonight, so leave some comments and I'll be posting another view from the night.

Damn, what is that bright light? Oh hell, it's the sun! Quick, to my coffin, Igor! I must get out of the sun.

hotandhorny107 58F

7/30/2005 11:32 pm

Sounds like the time I had last summer with a man I met through this site. We were in the middle of a very hot steamy session and he grabbed a pillow, put it on the radiator near my bed, picked me up, put me on it and proceeded to continue f*cking me until I came again. I have to say that this session was the best f*ck I have ever had and miss not seeing him.

demure1000 50M/57F
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9/23/2005 9:40 pm

Whoa, here goes.......alot of folks aren't going to like this, so I begin with an apology. (Opinions are like a**holes, right?) I too am from the South and also not ignorant just because of the "twang". But, and I ask this delicately so as to hopefully soften the blow...you had no qualms about having sex with a black woman? There, I said it. Geez, I feel like a bigot. I had to ask tho. Being born and raised "Louisiana Southern" we tend to see the worst of the black and white trash. I am assuming that she was truly a black woman and not of the persuasion of some of the black trash that we have such a great proliferation of down here. Please forgive the horrible undertones here, there is absolutely no harm meant. Just trying to understand. Sincerely, Demure

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