How to act in a gentleman's club.......from a former bouncer and visitor to clubs  

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How to act in a gentleman's club.......from a former bouncer and visitor to clubs

I was reading bella's post [post 97954] and I decided to throw in my views. Since I had worked in strip clubs when I was younger and have frequented them off and on over the years, I thought I'd offer my humble advice to those who want to have a good time...again and again.

1. Look at the cars in the lot..a good clue on how upscale a club is....or isn't.

2.Dress nice, clean up, brush your teeth...this should be a no brainer....sheeesh.

3.If you plan to become a regular, get to know the manager & the bouncers...they'll look out for you.

4.Be friendly with the waitresses(ie..TIPS)...they will almost fight over you when you come back in again.

5. Enjoy a drink...but don't overdue it. Nobody loves a drunk.

6.Act like a'll be treated like a grown-up.

Now, as far as the dancers and how to make an impression, what follows is not guaranteed, but has worked for me:

1. Never, ever play grab ass..the girls will avoid you and you'll be dancing with a bouncer instead.
2. Refer to rule #2 don't want a pig on you....why should a dancer have to put up with BO?
3.Be nice...if a dancer offers you a lap dance and you don't want one, don't say "Hell no!" Try something like, "No, not right now...but thank you for asking." You might be surprised.
4.Be generous...but don't be an ATM with legs. You'll get noticed if you can achieve the right balance.
5. For God's sake, when talking to a dancer, look her in the eyes. Her breasts/ass/etc isn't what's talking to you.
6. Key thing to remember: Dancers talk amongst each other...what do you want them saying about you?
7. Learn something about the dancer(s)...what movies she likes, what she likes to do away from work, any hobbies, etc....I'll give you something to talk about while sitting at the table. And she may look at you as something more than a dick with cash....
8. Compliments go far, but be sincere. Dancers can spot a fake from a mile off.
9. Remember that the dancer up on the stage is somebody's daughter/sister/girlfriend/mother...think about that, then be the gentleman.
10. Behave as you want the dancer(s) to remember you.

As a footnote, I took a business friend to a great club north of Toledo on night. When we got in, the head bouncer waved the cover charge when he saw me. The manager came out to greet me and my friend. And....over half the dancers came by to either give me a hug or a quick kiss on the cheek and ask how I was doing. My friend was slacked jawed.

All I did was smile and take a pull on my beer...which, by the way, he paid for.

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