Another candle on the musings  

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8/25/2005 8:35 pm

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Another candle on the musings

As of the writing of this post, it is Thursday at 1119pm eastern...I have less than one hour on my birthday. That's right...44 years ago, the only hell my mama ever raised was born.

I'am sitting at work (yeah, I know...hell of a way to spend your bday) and I'm thinking back on what I've accomplished, done, tried, failed...bear with me, it's an old guy thing.

I have met one President face to face, seen the Pope up close, watched a man walk on the moon, watched the Berlin Wall fall (and ultimately the regime behind it), watched this country take its lumps in Vietnam, watched it come back strong less than 30 years later.

Mixed emotions...I am grateful that I have my far-than-better half, but sorry it took two attempts before I got it right.

Proud of my son and my two step-sons, but sorry I let a court take my youngest away, never to be seen again.

Proud of the newest wolf cub, my grandson and waiting for the next one in Feb 2006.

Sad that my grandfather, my hero, and my grandmother, the 'first lady' in my book, have passed on, but I understand that loss is one of the bitter pills we have to swallow (Grandpa...yes, I'm happy at what I'm doing)

Glad my dad is still around...and we ended a 20 year grudge that kept us apart.

Humbled by the support of my friends (you know who you are) who have picked me up when I was at a low point in my life recently.

Regret that I may never go to visit some of the far away lands that I planned to go as a young man, ala Hemmingway.

Look back and laugh at the escapades I was involved in when I was a wild young man...and amazed that I survived some of them (believe me, you don't want to know.....)

Well, enough rambling...the day is over, the cake is getting stale, and the bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila is going in the fridge...for Saturday night.

With any luck and/or skill, see you here next year....

With more silver hairs in the beard...the guy from the night....signing off

rm_urdreamonly 48F
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8/26/2005 8:10 am

Sometimes when you sit on a bench like a rock with eyes,
you'll notice everything - every single detail that makes a thing what it is.
You will be able to observe the way trees sway their branches,
The sound of rustling leaves,
How stinging the sun feels on your skin,
And perhaps the slow changing of the leaves' colors (if you've sat still for a week).
Early morning, you can watch from your bed
the way the shadows move and travel
to disappear fully, completely replaced by the light of the sun.
In the late afternoon, you can watch the sky bleed from the hues of blue to red, to a dark.
If you sit long enough, you'll notice certain changes
in everything and everyone around you -
How a person seems to be different from before.
The soft and subtle changes in their voice,
The uniqueness of their actions,
How, the way they act seem to be totally opposite from before.

How, one person becomes old-er one day.

Happy birthday!

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