Rustic Cabin/Orgasmic Encounter  

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Rustic Cabin/Orgasmic Encounter

Both myself and someone else rented this very rustic
cabin on an island 30 mins from the main land,
Unbeknown to each other though that we had rented
it for the same time period. We are informed of this
only after it is to late for us to change our plans.
Being to cival minded adults we agree to continue
with our plans to rent the same cabin that the owners
oviously rented 2 two people while the other was un-
aware that the other had done so.
The dock master gives us the key and we take the
boat named "dream weaver" out and head for the island.
The first 3 weeks pass without incident we take
the time to get to know one another yet still give
each other alot of space.
Then one night the tension is high from being inside
the cabin all day due to a thunder and lighting storm,
for unknown reasons we start argueing and finally
I state that I am leaving and heading back to the main-
land in the morning. Unfortunitly that won't be possible
cause the lighting strikes and hits the boat and the
boat goes up in flames, so we are marooned on the island,
with no way to contact anyone on the main land.
This just intensifies things extremely and
Jason says to me at some point "OK we are at each others
throats because of the sexual tension that is building
between us that we are both denying". I agree completely
with Jason about this so he says well why don't
we get naked and get her done so that the sexual
tension is gone. I think about this a minuet and
walk over to him and I literally rip his cloths
off of him then I remove my own quickly, We are all
over each other touching and kissing and he lifts
me up and positions me on the edge of the table, he
gently starts to lick and nibble on my nipples, then
nibbles his way down my body till he is at the apex
of my desire, wher he continues to lick and nibble
on my wet hot tight throbbing clit, as I arch my
back in pure extasy he says we are gonna make this
hard and raw and pure animalistic, by the time we
are done you won't know what hit you then he proceeds
to put my legs up and bends my knees towards my head.
Before he enters into me he goes down on me and
gives me one of the best earth exploding lappings
that has me moving around and squirting my juices,
then before I am completely calmed from the best
oral in my life, his enormous cock is totally inside
me although before he shoots his load he pulls
out completely and orders me to turn over onto my knees.
I do this willingly and he lubricates himself and me
and gently starts to enter my asshole, it is nice
and tight but feels good as he starts to move in and
out of me slowly he reaches around and starts to
gently pinch and rub my clit with one hand while his
other hand is continually switching between playing
with my boob to slapping my ass. He then stops playing
with my clit as well as my boob and grabs ahold of
my waist and starts pounding me hard and fast, as
he releases his load up into my tight asshole. This
seems to excite him to the point where he is completely
rock hard again. He moves away from me I get up and
I lead him to the living room were I push him onto the
couch and this time I take control of the situation,
and things go the way I desire so as I start nibbling
my way down his chest I reach over the side of the
couch and get my little toy, I turn it on and start
to touch myself with it while im knealing above
him and stroking his hard pulsating cock. This really
excites him to where he grabs me and flips me over on the
couch, takes the toy from me and starts using
it on me while at the same time he is nibbling and
licking my inner thigh and gently brushes his tongue
over my clit every so often, he does this constantly
until i orgasm severly. I then roll him back onto
his back and take the toy and start running it along
his cock and balls then i gently glide his stiff
erection into my moist pussy and as I do this I take
my toy and gently insert it into his anal hole where
I gently move it in and out slowly as I move up
and down having his cock gliding quickly in and out
of me while the toy does the same thing to his
asshole which gives him pleasure to the extreme
where he starts to moan and quiver and begs me to
really give him the ultamate pleasure. So I keep
using the toy having it glide in and out of him till
he is really moaning in extreme pleasure.
Then slowly I lift myself off him and continue
to use the toy on him and I go down and take his
hard cock into my mouth tasting my own cum all over
his cock. I gently start to suck harder to the brink
where he is about to cum in my mouth when he suddenly
cries out "not yet" he pushes me up and repositions
himself so that he is able to lick my pussy which
is just dripping in cum, he ask me if I have any
other toys and I say yes so he reaches over and
gets a dildo which he starts using on me while
licking at my large engourged clit.
Then out of nowhere he repositions himself again
and using the dildo he puts it up my asshole as he
inserts his hard shaft into my pussy and starts
fucking me hard and rough, as the toys are still
being used in the anal area and his cock is pounding
into my cunt like there is no tomorrow we both
have an extremely intense earth shattering orgasm
that leaves us both breathless and weak kneed.
We then hear a helicopter which belongs to the
owners, he came to pick us up after hearing about
the boat getting hit by lightning.
Jason and myself exchange phone numbers when we
reach the mainland with the promise to definitly
stay in touch and to meet up twice a month for
an orgasmic encounter like we had shared that
one night at the cabin when we were stranded.

the end

rm_hoooday 63M

5/27/2005 3:26 pm

An ambitious undertaking, with an very fertile imagination. Where will you next take us rosez?

SirMounts 102M

6/8/2005 8:29 pm

Great story telling, to go along with a... stimulating story. you have a... grasp, of how to make a story like that, stimulating. *wink*

night_rosez 48F

7/27/2005 5:19 pm

In answer to your question I have no clue where I am taking us all next but maybe it will be something very strange and totally unrealistic with the intercourse thrown in. Never know how my mind will work my friend.

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