On the stage and off the stage...  

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8/30/2005 8:44 pm

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On the stage and off the stage...

Most of my friends know that I am not a stranger to performing on stage. Being a musician I have seen many stages and many crouds. Granted I have not played music for a crowd in many years now,.. but I still have that certain awe of having hundreds of eyes on me.

5 years ago I met Vargr and CM at a subculture community picnic here in Indy and things progressed well in our friendship. Our lives became so intertwined that eventually I was asked to join their crew as a performer for their Erotic Perfomance Troupe. In the time that I performed for them I have found a great many wonderous things.

One night in particular I was tied to a St. Andrews cross and had to other performers (female) straped to me and flogged. Later that evening sensory depravation infront of the audience was that name of the game. I must say, that I really love it all. In the last five years I have been mummified, set on fire, flogged, whipped, caned amd tied to many numerous objects not to mention pierced all in front of live audiences.

I am no Saint but I am also not afraid to search for what excites me. To explore my world and all the sensations that are to be had. There are some things I do not like but there are some that I simply love. Like with most things,... you will not know until you try it.

I look forward to meeting some one who can handle this and is not afraid to seek out stimulation. It seems the search is endless though.

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