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9/9/2005 11:00 pm

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I don't watch it, at least not if I can think of anything else to do. Which is 99% of the time. I'm not entirely sure whether I have changed, or maybe I've watched to much porn that any show that doesn't have gratuitous anal sex every 6 or 7 minutes bores me. Personally, I think it all just sucks.

Well, with the exception of The Simpson's, Sportscenter and the Sopranos. But I am getting a little tired of the Sopranos to be honest.

Problem is it's all been done before, and done again and again....It's just puke. Seriously, how many moderately dysfunctional families with the goofy dad, smart-alec son and sweeter than pure sugar little kids can we stand?

And reality shows? Are you kidding me? Survivor? Want to see a reality show? Drop off 12 white dudes at the corner of 23rd and MLK blvd in downtown Oakland CA, with nothing more than 20 bucks and a bag of kind bud, and see which one can make it to the Alameda overpass by morning. THAT'S worth a million bucks and some great TV.

I've watched about 4 episodes of 'Friends' in my lifetime and for the life of me I can't see the entertainment value. I don't care how big his dick was, the geeky guy who dated Jen Aniston was A TOTAL PUSSY.

And Seinfeld? I watched about 5 episodes, I think I laughed twice. The 'jokes' were obvious, I could see them coming. How many times can Jerry make that stupid,confused, monkey face and it still be funny? Billy Madison was hysterical. By the time they had re-released it for the 6th time and called it Big Daddy it was just torture. Same with how many times Jerry can live in downtown New York and still be surprised. I have a few friends from NY, and they could walk out of their house and walk past an alien ass-fucking a fish on a skateboard and not bat an eye. I mean, this is New York.

Ever wonder why the rest of the world hates our guts? (Well aside from the fact we can do everything better, even after beating cancer and only having one testicle....) Watch the toxic shit MTV makes. I watched about 10 minutes of Jessica Simpson act like, well like a dipshit blonde whose only redeeming qualities are looking good in hot pants and sucking dick, before I wanted to throw up in my hat. Sure, the French are a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys and couldn't win a fight against well cooked pasta, but at least they don't have TV show about it.

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9/10/2005 7:44 am

Son, careful what you say about the French. They're stepping up troops in Afghanistan to pull our asses of the the fire. In spite of the fact it's getting no news coverage, we are still at war with Afghanistan, still looking for Bin Laden and troops are still dying. As we pull troops out of there to go to Iraq, where the war is supposed to be OVER, the French are sending us more troops to help and they are under American command and have been doing a really good job for us. That is courtesy of Yahoo news and let me know if you want me to send you the link. I'd post it here, but you know how they get about external links.

That said, I have to agree with you about the state of television in this country, especially the networks. I don't know what annoyed me more about "Friends", the fact it was completely unfunny or the fact that there was no way in Hell anyone working shit jobs in Manhattan could afford apartments like that in the West Village. Now, did anyone from anywhere near NYC ever watch "Seinfeld"? Show about nothing, my ass. Formulaic sitcom that should have been called "I Love Lucy Redux" is more like it. I outgrew "I Love Lucy" when I was about 10.

I can't comment on "Billy Madison", as there's something about Adam Sandler that makes me want to jump through the screen and punch him in the face. I just can't stand to even look at the man.

I like your idea for a reality show, however, it's been done. Sort of. As a movie from the late 70s called "The Warriors." A gang is falsely accused of killing the leader of NYC's largest gang, during a truce. They then have to get from the Bronx back to their home turf of Coney Island, with every gang in the city gunning for them. People wanted this movie banned after a few incidents with rival gangs going after each other in the theater, as the subject upset them so much. Yes, it had the reality element to it too, as there was a radio DeeJay giving the rival gangs messages over the radio as to where the Warriors were at any given time. It actually is better than some movies I've seen that try to make a social commentary about reality shows.

Now, what have I been watching this summer, as my Netflix from months ago sit here and languish? Baseball, but especially The Yankees. Seriously, my dear cyberson, if you want to get through the crap on TV during the summer, you need a serious baseball habit.

Just keep in mind, the new fall season starts soon, with brand new crap shows!

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9/10/2005 11:16 pm

Hello...This post is to remind you about the Blogger's Convention scheduled October 21,22,23 and set for the ChicagoLand area(Bolingbrook--a suburb)

It is a chance for you to meet the folk that you have been reading, commenting, and chatting with. Before we go any further, this is NOT a giant sex orgy but a chance to interact with your new found blogging friends face-to-face.

The opening night festivities are still in the planning stage.(I need to have an actual head count on that before I can proceed and make commitments to the banquet facility. But in the plans are a Masked Ball--expected to be a lavish formal affair)

The 46 Zone Party will be held on the evening of the 22nd at the 46 Zone bar attached to the Ditka Dome(enclosed sports dome facility with an indoor driving range) Typically the bar has a live band on Saturday nights (no cover charge to date) The food and drink costs there are reasonable and one can imbibe for about twenty bucks.

There will be an "after" party on the 21st after the Masked Ball; and a "before" and "after" party on the 22nd in the hospitality suite at the hotel to continue on with the festivities. These parties will have food and alcohol/soft beverages and will be bought in bottle form with appetizer platters from local stores. The bar in the hospitality suite would be a serve yourself type of set-up.

The hotel is new and nicely furnished. Complimentary breakfasts are included with the room; the hotel has a pool, workout facility, complimentary wi-fi service, in-room coffee makers, mini refrigerators, iron & ironing board, and laptrays to support your laptops. There is a complimentary coffee bar located off the lobby area which is available 24 hours for a selection of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Hotel rates are reasonable and information can be found at Convention Information Pictures of the hotel and its rooms are also available for you to see.

In the works is a photo session opportunity as well as some classes/demos.

If you have not already done so, you are also invited to join bloggers of this friendly site The group was designed to address the technical aspects of blogging, but has metamorphosized into something much more--a "family" of bloggers...many of who will be attending the upcoming Convention.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you in person.


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