Seriously....shut the fuck up  

nietchze 43M
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8/29/2005 9:45 pm

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Seriously....shut the fuck up

You've heard the stories where some poor schlub plays Dungeons and Dragons for weeks on end, then freaking out and imagining himself to be in a D&D adventure, before he was finally committed to a mental institution. Nobody sued TSR, Inc., publisher of the D&D manuals -- don't ask me how I know that. I just do, okay?! -- because their kid didn't have a firm grip on reality. Nobody sued the friends of the whacko for criminal negligence just because their game-playing somehow caused his mental breakdown.

So why is a Louisiana woman suing Nintendo of America after her son had a deadly seizure? According to a story in the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Advocate, Esther Walker of Livingston Parish is suing Nintendo, claiming that her son Benjamin Walker, 30, suffered a seizure that caused his death, because he played on his Nintendo 64 game system eight hours a day, six days a fucking week, since he bought it. Walker purchased his Nintendo 64 in May 1999, and then bought 10 more games in the weeks that followed.

According to Esther Walker's lawsuit, "Benji" Walker had six seizures as a result of the game. The sixth one happened on January 22, 2001. According to the lawsuit, ". . . Benjamin passed out, fell forward and hit his head and mouth on a table, which caused a severe closed head injury, loss of teeth, and moderate bleeding." Walker died in the hospital on January 26th, 2001.

The lawsuit also says that Walker had his first seizure in September 1999, and had five subsequent seizures over the next 17 months while playing the games. Esther Walker claims that Nintendo produced a defective product, but failed to give any adequate warnings about the health risks.



The company has understandably denied any wrongdoing. And why shouldn't they? They're not like the tobacco companies who purposely made cigarettes addictive and then lied to the world about it for more than 60 years. Nintendo makes games for people to play. What is there to warn about? "WARNING: THERE IS A TENUOUS, NOT-YET-PROVEN LINK BETWEEN CERTAIN ELECTRONIC VIDEO IMAGES AND SEIZURES. SO DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. DON'T EVEN BUY IT. SURE, WE MAY GO OUT OF BUSINESS, BUT THAT'S OKAY. DON'T WORRY ABOUT US. WE'LL MANAGE SOMEHOW. WE CAN STAY WITH FRIENDS."

As sorry as I am for her loss, I can't believe that Esther Walker is somehow surprised by all of this. Let's look at her own statements. Benjamin Walker played his Nintendo 64 for eight hours a day, six days a week, for seventeen months! Of course the guy had seizures! Anybody who does something that much is bound to have some sort of problem. Whether it's morbid obesity owing to lack of exercise, an exploded bladder, or severe social awkwardness, if you sit in front of a TV for 48 hours per week, something will go wrong. This is like suing Larry Flint for causing carple-tunnel.

I can't even work for eight hours a day, let alone all in a row. I usually spend two or three hours a day playing computer games or cruising the 'Net for pictures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer doing anal with Wonder Woman (Note: if my boss is reading this, that last sentence is completely untrue. I only put it in there for comedic effect. I actually work 40 hours a week, non-stop. Did I say 40? I meant 60 hours a week.).

But what makes it worse is that Benjamin Walker continued to play even after he suffered his first seizure four months after he bought the game. Not only that, he continued on his eight-hours-a-day-six-days-a-week playing schedule, racking up another four seizures. The fifth one happened while he was playing again, and it just happened to be the one that did him in. Even if he didn't make the connection between the first two or three, I would think after the 3rd and 4th ones you might want to think about your hobbies.

Doesn't it make sense that if the family were able to establish a connection between the seizures and Walker's game playing, they would have stopped him from playing? One would expect him to think, " Hmmmm...I seem to black out when I play. Maybe I should quit." This level of blatant stupidity falls in to the same level idiocy that awarded millions to over-weight pork beasts who didn't stop to think that their ever expanding image in the mirror just might have somthing to do with their lust for cheeseburgers. I mean if you are that disinterested with what you put n your body then, I'm sorry you deserve to get fat. And if you have seizures from watching Mario and Luigi try to hump some frigid pink princess, then maybe you should try somthing else. But apparently this never occurred to him, or if it did, they chose to ignore it.

And here's the added bonus: Esther Walker is suing for unspecified damages for medical costs, funeral expenses, and mental and emotional anguish, which is total bullshit. How much emotional anguish can you have for a kid you didn't even care enough about to take away his fucking joystick and tell him to go play in the yard. And the best part? They are also suing for the lost future earnings of her son. Medical and funeral expenses, I can understand, maybe. But the "lost future earnings" of her video-game-playing-for-48-hours-per-week don't-even-try-to-get-laid-cheetos-eating son? What kind of future earnings do you fucking expect someone who plays that many hours to have? Grown men who spend that much time playing games don't have great career possibilities, let alone huge earning potentials.

And when you factor in the distinct possibility, although this is just a guess on my part, that Benjamin Walker did not have his own place (i.e. he lived in his mom's basement), the "future earnings" potential is pretty much in the toilet, unless someone finally starts paying video game geeks six-figure salaries for blasting bad guys and picking up magic fucking coins.

So should we feel bad for Esther Walker? Absolutely. Should we learn something about playing video games in moderation. You betcha. Is she entitled to free bags of money because her son didn't quit playing the games that caused his first five seizures? No fuckin way. If that's true then Larry Flint owes me a lifetime supply of razors to shave my gorilla-like hairy palms. I mean shit if this case winds up in favor of the plaintiff, first thing I'm going to do is sue for millions because there isn't a warning label telling me that Nintendo gaming systems shouldn't be turned on while shoved in my ass. And I'll do it too. I'll go on television saying how humiliated I was in th emegency room getting emergency surgery, how my sex life is ruined, and how it's all Nintendo's fault for not telling me.





If anyone should get any benefit out of this, it should be the new XBox game system and their latest advertising slogan: "Now, 64% Seizure Free."

rm_gothicskunk 34M
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8/29/2005 10:27 pm

If I'm not mistaken, there's a disclaimer of liability in every videogames manual directed precisely to this topic.

If the Judge has an IQ higher than fingers on his/her hand, this will be thrown out.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/29/2005 10:34 pm

I disagree. I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR ESTHER WALKER - she was part of the problem. Had she given the bum a swift kick out the door rather than enable his addiction to video games, the dumbass wouldn't be dead. Another reason I don't feel sorry for her is because she is not really mourning the loss of her son - instead, she's busy trying to get rich off of his death. My only regret is that she was not playing the games with him - had she been, the world would be rid of both of those idiots!

A Sensitive Guy

rm_jacexprime2 40M
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8/29/2005 11:05 pm

This is what's known as NATURAL SELECTION. If some stupid asswipe dies because of seisures brought on by video games and DOESN'T STOP after the first, then so be it. One less idiot in the gene pool. Like GOTHICSKUNK just said, there is a disclaimer/warning with all video games about the potential for seisures, and states that if it occurs, you should fucking STOP PLAYING. If someone isn't smart enough to say "Hey, this game made me had a seisure, that's not cool, I should really do something else" then that person is responsible for whatever detrimental health conditions the game may cause after that. Ben should have stoped playing, and Esther should have interviened. The end result of both of them ignoring the problem is that one of them is dead.

I have no sympathy for either of those people, because neither of them deserve it.

hourglasses 47F

8/29/2005 11:43 pm

I heard about the case, but didn't realize he had more than 1 seizure over such a long period of time. I mean you'd think after the first one, she would care enough about her son to make him stop or as you said, cut back.

jim5131 55M
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8/30/2005 12:06 am

Go figure. A 30-year old son living with his mother that does nothing but play video games all day for years at a time. He is worth far more to her dead than alive.

Excuse me, doesn't this world owe this poor, grieving mother a life?

ChinRyder 39M
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8/30/2005 12:17 am

And I thought I played too much HALO. 48 hours- damn. Maybe he should have been wearing a crash helmet. Seriously, people who are prone to seizures (after the 4th one, you're prone dude) wear those kinds of helmets. I agree with gothicskunk- it'll get thrown out. But it is sad how no one takes responsibility for their actions these days- and the courts allow it!! It's the whole "I fell in your yard and now I'm sueing!" thing. I'm seriously running for President when I turn 35 and I'm going to just flat out tell people NO MORE BULLSHIT!! 7 more years guys. Now you can say you knew me when.

nietchze 43M

8/30/2005 12:32 am

Addendum: this post was written from a news story pre-dating the existance of the warning labels advising against over playing and possibility of seizures. In fact, this case was, in fact settled out of court for undisclosed monetary settlement and was the reason for the gaming compaines adding this disclaimer. So we can all blame Mrs. Walker and her coffee-table-munching-corpse of a son.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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8/30/2005 4:37 am

My dearest cyberson, no, I don't feel sorry for the woman at all. The games have been marked since the days of the Nintendo 8-bit system. That they could cause seizures during prolonged play. I paid attention to the warnings, as I'm a hereditary migraine sufferer (aren't you glad you're not my biological son?) and what will set off an epeleptic seizure can also set off a migraine. At the end of each level of Super Mario 3 on the 8-bit system, I had to cover my eyes, or the rapid flashing lights would set off a bitch of a migraine.

This guy was an air thief. Did his mother not take him to the ER or the doctor after each of the other seizures? If she did, did the doctor not tell her these games have rapid flashing lights that will set off seizures? I'm sure he or she did. But Mommy Dearest here was afraid to say no to her grown son. If she had said no and made him stick to games that didn't have flashing lights, he wouldn't be dead.

Hell, I grew up with a girl who couldn't even go to Great Adventure, her seizures were so bad, the flashing lights on the rides would set one off, no matter how built up her meds were in her system.

There is no way this is going to win. Casey Barber didn't succeed in suing the fast food restaurants, the case his shyster laywer tried after him with fat teenagers didn't work, the judge ruled the parents had responsibility for what the kids ate, this isn't going to work either.

The only way she can win this lawsuit is if her son was making megabucks working for Nintendo as a video game tester. Period.

justsayhi2005 51F

8/30/2005 8:29 am

Why is everyone so pissed off about this? Maybe getting a life is in order for us all? LMAO

pseudohippie 50F

8/31/2005 2:35 am

You know, I'm a pretty smart woman. But, yes, me, the woman with the weird ailments, well...I had Tetrisitis in 1989 and 1990. *hides head* You know, there really is clinical term for this ailment, I'm not making it up. In fact, I think it was the first video game medical issue, but I could be wrong about that.

Anyway, my roommates and I were ALL addicted. We'd come home, walk straight to the TV, dropping our coats on the floor along the shortest distance possible to feed our hunger. We ignored our friends when they came over...we were too busy playing Tetris. We just passed the controls amongst ourselves, drooling at the screen in total bliss watching or playing, whatever.

Well, I was REALLLLLLLY good at Tetris, as you can imagine. My skill level only increased the time I spent playing. It just creeped into me and took over. I'd be at work talking to people and I'd actually SEE a Tetris screen in between our faces...I'd play the game while talking to someone about some employee or this or that human resources issue. It was imbedded into my brain.

So I started this comment with how smart I am, right? Well, here's how stupid I am. I got insomnia. How did I deal with insominia? I played Tetris. Which is how I got the insomnia in the first place. After about a week, I finally broke and slept, only to be wakened half an hour later by my drunk roommate's pick-up-of-the-night putting a condom on 6 inches from my face (they honestly didn't realize I was there).

What did I do? I went downstairs and played Tetris.

Do I think games can become addictive? Yes. Do I think parents should monitor their children's behaviors, especially the obsessive ones? Yes. Do I blame the makers of the game? No. So I agree with all of you.

But man...I know how fucked up it was when I had Tetrisitis. And that sucks.

My solution was to give away the machine and all the games. DUH MRS. WALKER!

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