Oh yea...I forgot  

nietchze 43M
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10/28/2005 1:53 am

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Oh yea...I forgot

My sincerest apologies to my amigo and good friend Lauren. I'm sorry pal....

5a. Guido Glow For those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, 'Guido Glow' refers to the placement of flourescent lights underneath your car. Usually an import model or sometimes even a Mustang. Now, I liken this to Bootsy Collins in the 70's, you remeber the guy with goldfish in his platform shoes? Played guitar for Dee-lite? Dressed up like a bastard mix of Rick James and early Elton John? ....yea, THAT guy. The goldfish in the shoes thing was cool, but only when ONE guy with a HORRIFIC sense of style did it. It was cool because it sucked . If everyone started doing it, well then it would have just sucked period. Same things for these fucking lights. It was cool when the first guy did it, and his car was one of a kind. Now....well..it just sucks. Period.

3a. The Spork. Now here's an item with a MAJOR identity crisis. Is it a fork? A spoon? It's neither. Yet we try to use it to eat with. I would compare it to a Porn star that doesn't have a penis, vagina, mouth or sphincter..... pretty friggin useless. The tines aren't long enough to stab anything with, and they aren't really strong enough either. They always break if you try, and you can't pierce the skin of someone, muchless scoop out the eye of the bully taking your lunch money. But they sure as hell can carve up your tongue pretty well if you try to use it as a spoon. So instead of a useful eating utensil, or even a delightful weapon of sadistic mutilation to use on your tormentors, all it's good for is scraping off the skin from your tongue. But at least the bland, cold, tasteless cafeteria food now has the yummy taste of your own salty blood.

dasher121 36M

10/28/2005 9:37 am

"Groove is in the heeeart yeaaahh!" haah, havent heard anyone talk abou Dee-Light in a looong time. And yeah, def agree. The lights are rediculous. Hell, car mods are out of control. There was a guy who went to my college with a "pimped" out Geo. A fucking Geo! With rims, major Guido Glow, and a spolier. And worst of all, he'd drive it like it was the shiznit. All leaned to the side, one hand up, looking bad ass. Dude, its a Geo!

pseudohippie 50F

11/1/2005 5:20 pm

I loved Deee-Lite (correct spelling, and I know you aren't dissin' the band here, anway). Plus, I still mourn the loss of sporks from Taco Bell.

Why are we friends again?

P.S. You have a nice facial profile.

pseudohippie 50F

11/1/2005 5:21 pm

Oh...good blog idea, though...kudos!

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