GTA San Andreas...and stfu already  

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8/20/2005 5:42 pm

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GTA San Andreas...and stfu already

So I don't know if anyone has heard about this, maybe it's just geeks like me. In the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you control the fictional character Carl Johnson. Throughout the course of this game you beat, maim, and murder anyone you want, from little old ladies on the street to drug dealers. From rival gang members to FBI agents and policemen. Along with that you can steal cars, sell drugs, do drugs, sleep with hookers, pimp the hookers, gamble in casinos and just about any other morally reprehensible behavior you can think of.

I love this game. I think it's great fun.

But recently a patch ( or an online update for those who don't know) allows you to actually see Carl and his fictional girlfriends having sex. Before it was just a picture of the outside of the house and a lot of moaning and groaning as your partner scream " ...harder ...faster...deeper!!"

So of course this has all the politicians in an uproar. You know killing cops and shooting hookers is fine....BUT ABSOLUTELY NO PIXILATED BREASTS!!! So all the games are recalled and have to be stamped with a 'M' code instead of '17', because of course an 18 year old is much more mature enough than a 17 year old when it comes to video game pornography.

The thing is this is essentially a hack, it's NOT in the game. You have to buy the game and alter it with a patch that blatantly says what it's for. So it's not like any 10 year old kid is going to stumble across this. And if they do well then you just flat out suck as a parent.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is the whole politician thing. I so glad that everything is going so well we can afford to waste time on shit like this, and whether baseball players are on roids. I mean who gives a shit!? I'm so glad that the economy is fine, unemployment is at an all time low and that social security is fixed. It's not like we're at FUCKING WAR or anything!!

This is like the Wizard of OZ. Dorothy and here crew of down on their luck people go to see the wizard for help. Rather than admit he can't help cause he's a useless shit eating asshat, he sends them on what he believes to be a sure suicide mission. Get the witches broom. Temporarily distracted they go, get the broom and come back. Stunned at their resourcefulness he still has no answer. Until they look behind the curtain and realize that he's an idiot pretending to be god with a lot of smoke and laser light show.


So here we are being distracted by some numbnuts Senator on a power trip who not only doesn't have any answers to the problems she was elected to solve, she can't even keep track of which college intern's mouth her husband has his dick in. And this self-righteous W.A.S.P.Y bitch is probably our next commander in fucking chief?!?! And she has Ted Kennedy on her side with this? Spare me your thinly veiled attempt at righteous indignation you drunk asshole.

They'll do their little song and dance about how they're saving our children from the horrors, THE HORRORS, of two cartoon people fucking. But if she, or any of the rest of the losers, (rebublican democrat can any even tell the difference anymore )had any clue what to do they wouldn't be putting on this little laser light show.


But as long as we keep sending our children off to the desert to get the witches broom they aren't seeing any pixilated fucking, won't live long enough retire and won't worry about having to find a job when they make it home in a fucking body bag. So maybe I'm just overreacting....

there's no place like home....there's no place like home...there's no place like home...

pseudohippie 49F

8/21/2005 7:53 pm

Yeah, well, lots of things are stupid. And everyone has a job to do and tries to do what they think is best at the time, often for everyone involved. Busy work is what keeps us from more obesity and couch potato-ness.

I think people are inherently good, at least in the aggregate. They just try to do what they think is right with what resources they have, where they can make an impact.

And people shouldn't have to live with past embarassments forever.

So anyway....who's REALLY at fault? Is it politicians? Corporate America? Foreigners who think differently? Misallocated resources? Rule-makers? War? Parents? Technology? Americans?

I think about this subject WAY more than most pepole nowadays. My conclusion is...

...well, I have no real conclusion.

We're all at fault and no one is at fault. A conundrum, a conclusion of sorts, but no help, so I should just...


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