Auntie inspired...sort of...  

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Auntie inspired...sort of...

Well I originally wrote this for the online magazine here on the site, but it was accepted poorly and has not been viewed often. And, as I am an arrogant asshole, I cannot stand having one of my windows into the heart of a man not looked through. So as my wonderfully Sassy aunt wrote in her blog yesterday on this same subject, I thought I would copy and paste the thing into my blog where it will hopefully get more attention. Accept or reject I really don't care. Seeing as how I'm really just a 32 year old boy going through a rather prolonged post-adolescent idealistic phase, I really just want the attention....

Cock Pic or No Cock Pic?

I've been on AdultFriendFinder for awhile, like 7 years actually,and one of the more common statements I hear from the ladies is the annoying surprise of a disembodied penis on their screen at any given moment. Now I can understand why us guys do this, I mean that's what we like to see when we open a profile or view a cam, show us the goods dammit. However, this differs greatly from what the ladies like to see. But let's instead talk about whether you should or shouldn't post a cock picture whether than debate the gender differences
on the site. I liken this to going to a really, really big nightclub. And for the most part it holds up in however you want to apply the analogy. For this discussion, we will use the cock pic as the approach you would use in the nightclub. If you systematically walked around to every woman in the bar and asked very bluntly:

" Hey I'm Brad, wanna fuck?"

...well your success rate would be very low, even around the women that actually came to the club looking to get laid. Now eventually you would find one that responds positively, and would take you home for some sweaty lovin', but you would have to get your face slapped and drinks thrown
on you alot to find her. Hell I've been there, in a club trying to find the freak that's down to fuck. Find a woman that seems to meet the criteria, we dance, she grinds into my crotch, rubs her tits on me, nibbles my ear, acts like she ready to go, but then as soon as the lights come on she buttons back up and gives me a friggin phone number in a tone of voice that
makes it clear she would rather I not use it. And after I go home and rub one off all I can think about is all the other women in the bar I wasn't talking to when I was wasting time with little miss cock tease, and wouldn't it have been
better if I had just gone around and asked them all to blow me. I mean what's the worst that could happen? I have to go home and jerk-off with a sore face? Cock pics are kind of the same thing. You're making it very obvious why you are here and what you have to offer.

And I would be remiss not to mention that I have lived in San Francisco for 2 years, and did visit some of their 'lifestyle' clubs just to see what it was like. Truth is it was mostly half naked or fully naked, and some were clothed ( such as I was) 30-40 year old swingers drinking beer and shooting pool, just like a regular bar. Granted there were some people wearing leather and being led around on dog chains on all fours, but hey it didn't specify on the door which lifestyles were welcome. Point is even in this environment I didn't see people just blatantly walk up to a girl they didn't know and start groping them, or ask them too fuck, or anything of the sort. Even here, naked as they were, there were rules of engagement so to speak. And among them is that women don't like to be treated as pieces of meat and sex objects. Well, maybe the girl crawling around barking did, but I imagine the 250 pound man dressed like Gay biker from a Tarantino movie at the other end of the leash would take offense even if she didn't.

Cock pics are like straight up asking a girl to fuck. It's quick and to the point, and you won't have to spend time dancing and feeding her midori sours, but you're going to have to get used to rejection. If you seriously want to go this route, it's hardly worth acting surprised when you get told to go fuck yourself, or that your e-mails go unreplied too. (which it's kind of stupid to be upset about this, seriously how much effort did it take to spam 50 girls the same lame pickup line? So why get all pissy if she doesn't jump on you) Even here there are rules of engagement. So yes, even on AdultFriendFinder women don't like being treated pieces of meat and sex objects, even if ( like at the lifestyle bar) their profile is revealing and sexually charged. If you want to go into a chat room and flash your cock on cam and yell " WHO WANTS TO SUCK ME OFF?" don't expect a very warm welcome, at least not usually. In fact get used to being called a pig and flamed out of the room, which is still better than having the shit beat out of you and butt-fucked by a biker leading a chick around like a poodle.

So I guess it's all about how much time you want to spend dancing and having a 50/50 shot at pulling some ass, or just cut the foreplay and save the money you would have to spend on drinks. I don't think either one is more time saving or has any better odds than another. Rather it's a question of how many times can you take being slapped in the face and called an asshole? Or take the chance of spending time and maybe have to wind up jerking off anyway's. In either choice, you're going to have to deal with disappointment. But then how is that different than real life?

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In my cock pic. You've got it, spot on! You're very perceptive, then's a wonder more men haven't picked up on this.

By the way, you have a great pic

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