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nietchze 43M
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9/5/2005 11:21 pm

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A Political

So I'm about ready to move. Seriously folks is anyone else sick of this? On CNN's front page of their website is a link to a video, A REAL VIDEO, where you can watch dead bodies floating in the floodwaters of New Orleans.

This from the people who have depicted the millions of victims of one of the greatest tragedies in American history as nothing more than looters and thugs. You people suck.

Further down is commentary by former president Bill Clinton on how the government 'failed the people...'. What, kind of the same way YOU and YOUR administration did when terrorists tried to bomb the World Trade center the first time, when they blew up a navy ship, or bombed a US embassy and you did nothing, NOTHING about it? Not that I disagree with his opinion, it just makes me think of some old sayings about black kettles and glass houses.

I was watching CNN at work the other day( not that I particularly like CNN, it's just the only thing on our closed circuit system other than corporate propaganda ) and I saw a reporter (if you can call him that) wearing hip-waders, a clean and pressed shirt, and dress slacks walk up to a woman rummaging through knee deep flood water picking up whatever she could feel at the bottom and put it in a garbage bag. She would feel around, pick something up out of the snake filled sludge, if it was useful she kept it, if it was junk she threw it back and kept looking. She looked like she hadn't eaten, slept or bathed in days, which she probably hadn't. And this fuckin' corporate TV fuck has the nerve to stick a microphone in her face and say and I quote...

"excuse me ma'am, can I ask you why you're looting?"...end quote.

LOOTING? The woman is sifting through garbage to find food and clothes while you accuse her of a federal offense you heartless retard. How about instead of slandering her on national TV you give her a friggin sandwich asshole. Or is it to much to ask for you to give her a ride out of here on whatever boat or helicopter you came in on so you could climb another rung up the corporate ladder to hell? And these are the people we trust for information?!?!

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the Bush administration by any means. In fact truth be known I'd sooner have eaten my own stomach bile than seen him re-elected. And someone who is reading this voted for him, and for that you have my contempt. How much longer will you people line up and vote for the best candidate who only redeeming quality is that he looks better in a suit and tie than the other idiot? Or maybe he sounded a little more sure of himself as he read the speech written by someone else.

"Oh, well he can play the saxophone so he must be presidential material. And did you hear the speech written for him by a professional political insider? He sounded like he almost believed it!"

Idiots...go ahead and keep listening to CNN, or Limbaugh, or Michael Moore, or whatever partisan hack it is that tells you what you want to hear. For 40 years now we've been electing whatever button-down Oxford tie wearing idiot these people spoon feed us and then we wonder why shit is fucked up. These people aren't leaders, they're fucking actors. LITERALLY, actors sometimes, as in the case of Reagan. And spare me your party-line partisan bullshit. Clinton was about as much a Democrat as I am a whale with a clown nose. This is the man who shipped hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico, UNION jobs no less, and the AFL-CIO still sucked his balls. And Bush? Under his administration has given more money to environmental reform, schools, conservation programs and programs for the elderly than any one else in history. And that's a fact. Even John Kerry (the liberal shit-eater Bush ran against? You remeber him right?) agreed with that. And yet we still cling to these so-called party lines as if they actually existed. From where I'm sitting Clinton made a pretty good republican, and Bush is about as liberal as you can get. All these people do is stick their finger out the window to see which way the wind is blowing. Or more than likely, consult their overpaid advisors as to what exactly they should be doing and what tie to wear when they read the cue cards. I mean who would have thought a so-called 'Free-spending' liberal like Clinton would balance the budget and a republican would plunge us into un-recoverable debt from funding every single BULLSHIT government program, and then creating a few more just to look like he's actually doing something other than making monkey-faces. Department of Homeland Security? what the fuck is that? Funny I thought that's what the military, DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, FEMA and any number of other bullshit government department were supposed to be doing. As far as I can tell the only duty the department of Homeland Security fulfills is changing the color of a Danger alert. Exactly how terrified am I supposed to be on a yellow alert? Should I hide in the basement with a gas mask? Dig a bunker? Go to the movies? What? WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PURPOSE? We didn't need a new agency, we could have saved a few billion dollars and gotten Robbie the fuckin robot from Lost in Space.


Yea good call re-electing him people. But hey he sure looks snazzy in his John Phillips of London.

This is why we have a government. This reason right here in New Orleans. Not to decide your retirement fund ( which they've completely fucked up) not to keep your children from hearing Howard Stern from dropping the 'F' bomb (that's you job as a parent, fuckwad) not to keep you from seeing the horror of Janet Jackson's nipple (also your job as a parent) not to keep baseball players from stabbing each other in the ass with steroids..... But this emergency right here. People homeless, dying and sick and the one resource we DEPEND on is so bloated, so slow, so completely inept from performing it's most basic functions, that we have self-righteous journalists on the scene before somebody with drinking water and a boat. Three days after we still had people trapped on there roofs and they just sat there and did nothing, at least not until the results of their multi-racial 10 state phone survey about how they should fucking do it came back.

I love my country. I took an oath once and I still believe in it. But I loathe my government. And those of you that support that by showing up every two years to re-elect 'Pompous Asshat #5' are beneath my contempt.

justsayhi2005 51F

9/6/2005 8:07 am

nietch, it's all driving me crazy

rm_DocSpiky 40M
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9/6/2005 3:14 pm

Come on now... is CNN really that bad? And at the risk - nay, inevitability - of being blasted, is Fox? What about NPR?

All news media is inherently sensationalistic, just as all presidents are inherently asshats. Why? The very same reason you still get spam in your inbox and see used car salesmen dressed up like monkeys. The marketing works. As despicible as it is, people simply WILL NOT BUY the ugly, unadulterated truth. And without people watching, there will be no sponsors. And without sponsors, there will be no news.

Now, as for the media treating this boondoggle with all the respect of a wildlife photogropher filming a gazelle being hunted and killed by lions... That's where my defense of the media ends.

How can you, as a reporter, really tell us what the relief effort is like if you are not personally a part of it? How can you report on inhumane conditions when, through your own selfish inaction, you are contributing to them?

Goddammit, I'm angry at just about everyone involved.

thepseudohippie 49F

9/6/2005 5:58 pm

Hindsight is 20/20.

Unions are actually bad for employees.

It doesn't matter who is the President.

The times dictate political behavior more than those who run the "Office."

We're all to blame.

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