nicoyaheat 35M
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3/22/2006 10:19 am

Today at work there were 2 females talking about this ones guys member and made fun of the vato. Now me i'm hispanic so as you know not all of us come packing like the brothers. But for me i don't care bout size and you wouldn't either after I make you cum. I love to use my dick as if it were a tongue and move it all around now if I had a big one i would not be able to plus i love the feeling that i give when we are pelvis to pelvis.What I don't have in size i make up for it with techince,now remember i'm a please first.Women have thought that i would be no good but they were wrong,and for the record i'm bout 6.5".So now Iask you what do you think does size matter? Even if you do or don't get an orgasm.

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