thoughts upon deletion  

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10/17/2005 6:21 am

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thoughts upon deletion

I must admit that I've found my experience on this site to be boring, excruciatingly so. Never have I wasted so much time on so little. I'm coming around to the necessity of the dick pic (and I guess that goes for the cha cha and/or titty shot as well, though I don't think it's as necessary. Guys are plenty happy to participate in the chase sans photo, if they think it may lead to an orgasm for themselves.) Given the inability of digital technology to really communicate who someone really is, resorting to the more primal urges is probably a strategy much more likely to get one some action.

So off I go.

I think what made me realize my folly was being at a party on Friday night and there being real, live women there, many of which I talked with and a few whom I'd like to see again. They had real voices, arms that hugged, eyes that sparkled, interesting thoughts and ideas. They weren't just digital specters to be hunted. I didn't have to get in line to see if I would get a chance to prove my worth. I guess I've always thought it was who you were, as opposed to who you said you were. I guess that's my mistake, at least in the virtual world of the internet. Perhaps my real problem is that I’m too sure of myself and who I am physically, intellectually and mentally to sit around and wait. If the id don’t get you, the ego will.

I don't know if this will ever see the light of day. For two reasons, perhaps all blogs get deleted when a profile gets deleted. The other being that my last blog entry was disallowed by the site. I received a generic statement saying, "Your post has been denied (e.g., short, bad language, solicitation, personal information, customer service question, or human error). Please update your post for re-approval.” My post was none of the above (thought I can’t speak to human error. Would that be an error on my part, or theirs). Part of it simply made fun of the site staff for not having a sense of humor. Watch what you say here. Censorship is alive and well at this site of hedonistic pleasure-seeking.

The tone of this blog seems to be kind of pissy. That is not my intention. I’m no worse off for having been here, other than the time wasted which could have been put to much better use (i.e. writing what I should be writing and/or meeting flesh and blood women). There is an obsessiveness that creeps in quite surreptitiously and quickly. I’ve noticed it in myself and it has been mentioned or implied by the few women I’ve “met” here. None of them have seemed to have been pleased with that part of the experience. It’s much easier to sit in your house and fantasize than it is to go out and live life.

I hope you all have found this to be a much more rewarding place to be than I have. With any luck perhaps I’m just the odd person out on this one.

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