10/8/05 -- day 7 lights, camera...inaction  

nicholasfinney 52M
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10/8/2005 2:52 pm

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10/8/05 -- day 7 lights, camera...inaction

I’ve taken the opportunity to watch some of the web cams on the site and find that I usually go from titillated (that’s right y'all, TITillated) to mildly bored pretty quickly. I think mostly because people aren’t very thoughtful about how they do what they’re doing. I see a few stereotypic categories: The Meathead, gets naked, turns on the web cam, starts slapping his jolly roger...\8 Sister Narcissis–she loves the attention, you see her smile so coyly as boys message her and tell her how hot and sexy she is (a distinct sub-category of S.N. is Sister Mostly Narcissis; the woman who only shows herself from the nose down. The eyes being the window to the soul, and all). She never really gets around to doing anything particularly interesting sexually or otherwise, she’s just there to be adored and show just the tiniest touch of cleavage. The Pussy Pro–she’s the woman who loves close-ups of her cha cha while she’s masturbating (almost always shaved), and she’s damn good at it; that dildo flies in and out of her with such grace and force, and always shiny wet. The Proud Parents(of her tits), he runs the camera as she shows off her gorgeous pair and every once in awhile he’ll run into the picture to fondle them, rub, kiss, pinch nipples, etc…(but you'll never see his face). And last but not least, The Bouncing Boobies; bare breasted while she chats *Y* shot from shoulders to waist; you never see her head, her legs, nothing–just the mammaries.

I jest to some degree. I’ve certainly watched, though I find it a bit like watching music videos; you watch them because you’re sure that the next one will be better.

PS The above picture is not me. Someone had told me that they thought it might be. It is not. If I were to post a cock picture it wouldn't be one so silly.

slightly_sexy8 38F
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10/9/2005 12:46 pm

i read a post of yours from the blog listings but its not here? i liked it but its completely disappeared now - about the incredible lightness of being?

you have some good posts here. good luck with the blog and the webcams, and the emails too!

nicholasfinney 52M

10/9/2005 4:34 pm

Thanks ss8, you're actually the first person to comment on my blog. The specific one you're talking about is called The Unnatural Light(ness) of being (obsessed). It's my Oct. 9 blog entry.

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