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1/20/2006 7:59 am

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does anyone know what passion is?

does anyone care about it anymore?

the desire to feel ones body until you cannot take it anymore, you must just fuck them senseless

taking me to a level close to orgasm but not over yet, letting me come down just a bit then to take me there again but still not wishing me to cum. wanting to take me to such high levels that when i finally do cum i am out of time and space for a bit.

i love the idea of loosing that sense of time. feeling like i am flying and feeling nothing but that "high" like there is nothing but me and that lovely feeling.

then coming down off that high, feeling your hard cock against my thighs, asking for entrance

spreading my legs wanting to feel your cock slip in. not giving too much access, wishing to feel you slowly.

feeling you enter me, pumping slowly, gradually faster, harder. holding my hands above my head, pinching my nipple with one hand while sucking the other.

i arch my back wanting more, needing more

"fuck me" i whisper almost as a moan.

hissing as i feel you move your body into mine.

trying to rise my hips to meet your motion

feeling your cock harden, your balls slapping against my ass, you stiffen, moaning, releasing your cum into me. feeling the warmth

oh but you are not done...

you have much more in store for me

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