I cannot help you...  

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2/6/2006 9:04 am

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I cannot help you...

This is my ramblings due to the fact that I cannot help a friend who needs it. I am not the person they believe I am and cannot do what they ask. May they find peace and seek the help they need. ^j^ hugs

On this day so fair and mild
One look do I see
Nothing more than exiled

An angel in the midst is what you see
An angel to bring you from misery
Not my job or ability

Grow from within is your task
All you need to do is ask

Light will be given as is always
Light to shine upon your days

Darkness is only a matter of perception
It is only for you to take some action

Light your path with goodness and hope
Do not continue on this downward slope

Nothing good can come from misery

Lift up your eyes
See all that is around you
Don't make me your world
For this I cannot be...

To a friend who is in such a state of disarray, I wish I could do more but am unable to...

My prayers and thoughts are with you always.

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